About Regional Champions

Expanding ColoradoGives Throughout the State

Community First Foundation is working to expand the ColoradoGives program and the Colorado Gives Day movement throughout the state. To achieve this goal, we have Regional Champion partnerships with other Colorado community foundations. We call these important partners Regional Champions.

Regional Champions play an important role in increasing charitable giving and strengthening local nonprofits. Among the many benefits, communities with ColoradoGives Regional Champions have benefited from skyrocketing donations.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional Champion, please contact Dana Rinderknecht, director of online giving, at 720.898.5911 or drinderknecht@CommunityFirstFoundation.org.


Regional Champions


The Chaffee Community Foundation's mission is to increase philanthropic and capacity resources for Chaffee County nonprofits and residents. We are proud to host ChaffeeGIVES and are excited to elevate all the amazing Chaffee County nonprofits who are working tirelessly on behalf of our community.

Their pages highlight Chaffee County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org


Douglas County Gives is dedicated "to promoting, growing and finding synergies among local charities through increased awareness" of the broad array of charitable organizations within Douglas County. 

Their pages highlight Douglas County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.


Eagle County Gives is a collaboration of Eagle County nonprofits. The mission of the effort is to strengthen the collaboration, fundraising capacity and awareness of the non-profit sector to enhance quality of life in our communities.

Their pages highlight Eagle County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.


Grand County Gives is a collaboration effort in which Grand County nonprofits have come together to support our local community. The mission of the effort is to increase awareness of the ColoradoGives program and Colorado Gives Day in an effort to bring additional resources to our county.

Their pages highlight Grand County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.


Mountain West Gives is a collaboration of Garfield, Pitkin, and western Eagle Counties’ nonprofits. Its mission is educating nonprofits on building their own successful Colorado Gives Day ® campaign and promoting regional collaboration.

Their pages highlight Garfield, Pitkin, and western Eagle County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.


The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado's mission is to be the regional leader in building a more engaged, philanthropic and visionary community.

Their pages highlight Larimer County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.


Pueblo County Gives is a collaboration between the Pueblo County Department of Economic Development and Pueblo County nonprofit.

Their pages highlight Pueblo County nonprofits featured on ColoardoGives.org.


San Luis Valley Gives is an effort by the Community Foundation of San Luis Valley to inspire philanthropy in our six-county community and increase online giving for local, participating nonprofits.

Their pages highlight San Luis Valley nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.


Southwest Colorado Gives is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado to inspire generosity in our five-county community and increase online giving for local participating nonprofits. 

Their pages highlight Southwest Colorado nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.

Summit Gives is a collaborative effort spearheaded by The Summit Foundation to inspire generosity, strengthen local nonprofits, and increase online charitable giving for participating organizations through ColoradoGives.org.

Their pages highlight Summit County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.


Weld County Gives is a collaboration of Weld County nonprofits encouraging residents to support local organization on Colorado Gives Day and throughout the year.

Their pages highlight Weld County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.


Yampa Valley Gives was formed 2014 in partnership with the Yampa Valley Community Foundation. Learn more about Yampa Valley Gives

Their pages highlight Routt and Moffat County nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org.