Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network

What water is to fish and air is to us, communication is to relationships. When our communication is full of shouting and blame, it is like breathing toxic air and the results are seen in our current social divisiveness. In our rapidly changing, increasingly complex world, learning to connect and understand one another has never been more vital to our well-being. Help us empower people with programs that hone the skills allowing us to work together while remaining true to our deepest values.

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Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Center​​​​​​​
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Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network
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(2014)Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Center
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2009 Vine St.
Denver, CO 80205
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Mission Statement

Empowering Compassionate Relationships

Organization History

Founded in 2009, RMCCN promotes and supports the awareness, education and practice of Compassionate Communication (aka Non-Violent Communication), a powerful and easy-to-understand way of listening to and communicating with ourselves and others.

Our core practices empower people to prevent or peacefully resolve conflicts and arrive at workable solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved. Based in Colorado, but serving the whole Rocky Mountain region, RMCCN maintains a community calendar, offers trainings, supports practices groups, provides mediation and consulting services, and sponsors an online community to connect and support people interested in NVC.


"The sooner you learn these skills and are able to use them in your day today life, the better off you will be! You can only benefit from having NVC [Non-Violent or Compassionate Communication] in your life! You will become aware of your feeling and needs and the needs of your children, spouse and coworkers. You will become a more efficient communicator!"

"I do feel it is important and essential to not only personal development, but as an element in the professional world. I also feel it would be immensely helpful in government and for those in the hospitality industry... in all aspects where service and communication are at the forefront of interaction."

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