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Restore Colorado ~ seeds for the people

We are dedicated to Seeds, Bees & Water: Restoring our Collective Agricultural Seed Heritage; Providing Beneficial Environments for Honey and Native Bees; & Facilitating Re-vegetation along Waterways and on Degraded Arid Landscapes

*~ We are excited to announce our recent relocation to Southwestern Colorado! ~*

With our move from the Front Range we are excited to once again be touched by the region that first inspired our passion for Seeds and their Dedicated Stewards.

With your generous financial support, in 2020 we will:
- Continue to support seed libraries in Boulder County public libraries
- Support seed libraries in the Colorado Southwest
- Strengthen our partnership with Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and collaborate on growing local seed
- Grow out a large variety of dryland adapted vegetable seed
- Move forwards on securing a permanent location for our seed collection, seed gardens and education center

Please support us in any way you can on this page and contact us directly for substantial financial contributions or donations of land:
(720) 722-4141

Some days what I teach seems so simple and so deeply rooted in our ancestry that I wonder, "Does everyone already know?"

But it's common questions like "Is it safe to save seeds?"
that remind me that even the most fundamental and simple things need to be taught to every generation.

I hear this question often from those who are rightly concerned with contamination of GMOs or sincerely wondering if savings seeds is legal

The answer is:

"YES! It's Safe and Legal To Save Seeds."

In fact it's very unsafe if we don't reestablish seed saving as a cornerstone of our food system and basic childhood education.

For those of you that wonder about the legality of seed saving ~ simply focus on Open-pollinated, Heirloom and Native Seeds and you are in the clear.

The use of Patented F1 Hybrids instead of farm grown seed is exactly why by 2008 Monsanto's (now Bayer's) patented genetics were planted on over 92 percent of soybean acres in the US. By planting patented seed, farmers give up their rights to save those seeds under most circumstances and thus cannot be self-sufficient~
So remember: Heirloom, Open Pollinated and Native

Restore Colorado provides farmers and gardeners with:
- Their first open-pollinated seeds
- Guidance to Safely and Legally share them with generations to come
- Free, publically-available seeds from local Seed Libraries

Our Mission is not only to educate about seeds, bees and water but to grow substantial amounts of clean, organic vegetable seed adapted to Colorado and the desert Southwest.

Our 8-year goal is to establish a permanent location for a seed garden, plant and tree nursery, bee apiary and teaching center.

Please commit to supporting our efforts.

~all donations are tax deductible~

Thank you so much for your support.
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Sowing and Saving Seeds ~ Honoring Our Ancestors and Our Childern
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