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Though our core values include the longterm vitality of our seed and food systems, "feeding people now" took on new importanc and clarity

We partnered with food banks and native american outreach groups to distribute seeds widly to folks that rely on support for their basic survival

There was something truly touching as comunity gatehered to give their time and resources to fill the gaps of a truly fradgile food supply chain

Many of us in this field have always known that there is only a few days to a week of of food in the grosery stores . It only took empty shelves for everyone to start to value food in a new lense . We saw people giveing the respect and gratitude to farmers who have always deserverd it but are often overlooked . Its truly important in this time of Holiday plenty to remember not to take it for granted

Because of the esential nature of our work and the deep knowing of the lasting and wide reaching effects, we often do it without thought of compensation but simply that it is the right thing to do . But as you know if you have ever used a shovel of covered crops in the bitter cold to save a harvest it is very intense and chalanging and so we are asking for your much needed finantial support

Because of the price of land, it is almost unimaginable to find space to grow crops and seed without the support of our comunity . In 2020 we were so generously given the use of a small plot on the front range and one in the south west, both with ample irrigation and amazingly firtile soil . Between these plots we grew fresh batches of over 30 varieties of beans, continue breading a number of dryland addapted squashes, got the best harvest yet of a rainbow blue corn we have been working on for over a decade . We also funded with our personal resources the leace of a long term dryland plot and fixed an old pond that can be used for education and dryland addaption in future years

Our focus is on varieties that can produce a harvest of food and seed within a short growing season and with limited water . We know that these unique genetics will help the production of food for our comunities locally and withing unpredictable seasonal changes .

What we are doing is vital and your suport is multiplied by the aboundance of the plants themselves . One seed like a squash or mellon often produces a hundered seeds in each fruit in one season, thats a milion seeds from one seed in only 3 years . I cant think of another reliable investment that multiplies by one million in three years

Each year we have ditributed thousends of packets of seeds through our Seed Library Network and bulk seed to farmers and gardeners willing to taking on the task of becoming seed stewards . Just think of the impact we have had and will have, by inspiring new seed stewards and giving them the materials to fully utilize the vitality of the seed

Please give generously to support our collective seed heratage

A gift to our childern in respect the efforts of our ancestors

We are also open to in kind donations of land or seeds you have stewarded

please connect for more details of our work with pollinator support, watershed restoration and helping the desert to blume
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Seeds for the People ~ Honoring Our Ancestors and Our Childern
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