Retriever Rescue of Colorado, Inc.

Your donation will help save deserving dogs to find a forever home with a loving family, in which they will be given a 2nd chance at a new life . Donations are primarily used for medical needs including vaccines and Spay/Neuters and includes heartworm treatment.

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Retriever Rescue of Colorado​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

Believing that all dogs deserve a safe, loving home, the mission of Retriever Rescue of Colorado is to rescue abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted retrievers and to promote public education on animal-related issues. Rescued breeds will include Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Curly Coated Retrievers, Flat Coated Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.


Believing that all dogs deserve a safe, loving home, the mission of Retriever Rescue of Colorado is to rescue abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted retrievers and to promote public education on animal-related issues. Rescued breeds will include Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Curly Coated Retrievers, Flat Coated Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.


Our efforts made significant impact on the lives of people and dogs this year. The pandemic enabled more to adopt but then we also had many who could no longer keep their dogs. We could help both! These adopters have stayed in touch with us, providing updates and photos that demonstrate the positive consequences adopting these dogs have had on their lives. We brought in over a hundred dogs last year. Some of these dogs came to us after sad circumstances made their loving owners transfer them to us. Others had lived lives of abject abuse or neglect. Our willingness to accept these dogs into our program saved the lives of most of these additions. Our volunteers were there to welcome, comfort, and rehabilitate the dogs. That in turn provided significant comfort to the families forced to surrender the dogs and to those who were worried about the mistreated or stray dogs. Over the course of the past year, we've been contacted for updates on the dogs by people who surrendered their dogs, by family members and friends of those who surrendered their dogs, by employees and volunteers of shelters who sent us dogs, by good Samaritans who stopped to save dogs on the street who eventually came to us, by kind-hearted individuals who transported the dogs to us, and by others far beyond those who adopted dogs from us. The ripple effect of our volunteers' long hours devoted to saving dogs shows impact that has been considerably more far-reaching than we could have imagined. We are tremendously proud of our volunteers' efforts and grateful beyond words to them.


We need to fund the increasing veterinary expenses due to more dogs coming in with more expensive veterinary needs especially heartworm positive dogs. We need more active volunteers, especially foster home volunteers. We need more vets working with us. We need to find more ways to seek publicity.


Retriever Rescue of Colorado, Inc., was formed in honor of the recently deceased dogs who so greatly enriched the lives of the founding members. Chance, Summer, Becky, and Coco remain sorely missed but formed the impetus for helping retrievers in need. All of the founding members had experience working for a variety of other single breed rescue groups and wanted to expand on that concept to be more inclusive. They formed RROC over pizza and tears. The group now functions to rescue retrievers in need of new lives and to place them into loving, permanent homes.


We do not have an Executive Director. We rely on a network of committed volunteers to save all as many dogs as possible.


Our group functions with a strong board and a network of coordinators. All of these individuals spend considerable time devoted to rescuing dogs. We strive to reduce burnout by recognizing the volunteers' efforts and by celebrating our successes on a regular basis. Our biggest challenges involve the lack of volunteers able to provide foster care to additional dogs and the lack of funds to be able to save even more dogs. We are working on these issues by doing fundraisers and attempting to raise awareness of the dogs' needs to solicit both donations and a larger volunteer base.


RROC rescued our dog when she was a skinny unclaimed stray in a neighboring state. When I look into her eyes, I can't imagine my world without her or RROC. The extraordinary RROC volunteers help dogs like her who have run out of options. These dogs are welcomed first into loving foster homes where they can feel safe and learn to be the best dog they can be. RROC rocks! - Olga

I have been volunteering for the RROC for a while and it's the most fulfilling 'job' I could have found. Everyone is very dedicated in accomplishing the RROC goal, saving dogs lives. Although many stories about the dogs they bring in are heartbreaking, the end result is so gratifying. It doesn't matter what part you play, big or small, in placing a dog in a forever home, it's a wonderful feeling. :) - Mary Jo V.

In a nutshell, this sums up one of many reasons my family and I volunteer & foster for RROC. They are a grass roots non-profit that works tirelessly to rescue the lives of so many beautiful dogs who have been dealt a bad hand and are given a second chance at life and finding a forever home. The passion and commitment we see every time we have worked with RROC is nothing short of amazing!
Dogs truly are the best example of unconditional love this side of heaven and RROC has given us a way to pay it forward. It is so rewarding to see dogs find their forever home and the love and compassion they so deserve!
-Suzanne K.

"We adopted our RROC dog, Ginger, in February 2012. We already had a lab and were looking to give him a companion. Our experience with RROC was wonderful! the volunteers were so helpful in finding the right dog for our family and were always ready to help when we had questions. Ginger has been an amazing addition to our family, we couldn't imagine life without her. We loved our experience so much, we've since fostered 3 RROC dogs."
- Crystal B.

We fostered then adopted a 7 yr old golden from RROC 5 years ago and they couldn't have been more helpful in the process of going from foster to adoption and helping with the hip replacement she desperately needed. She is now 12 and a completely new dog! A match made in heaven and we just can't get enough of her and make sure she knows daily! If it wasn't for RROC and all the tremendous work they do, dogs like Jessie wouldn't be saved or families like us for that matter. It's a two way street we feel. RROC is a gift that keeps on giving!
-Tammy S

My family and I have been a foster family for RROC. We have also worked with many organizations over the years. RROC is one of my favorite rescue organizations we have worked with! This organization goes through great lengths to save the lives of countless dogs. RROC has a true passion for what they do. They always go above and beyond for the dogs they rescue. I would highly recommend RROC to anyone looking to foster, volunteer and most certainly looking to adopt a companion. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.
-Mitzi R.

After rescuing a black lab mix named Duncan five years ago, I knew I wanted to volunteer with a retriever rescue. After doing my research, I started volunteering with Retriever Rescue of Colorado. I was immediately struck by how caring the volunteers are and how tirelessly they work every single day to save the lives of dogs in danger. I never thought I would meet people who love dogs as much as I do… and then I met RROC volunteers. Through RROC I was introduced to my new family member - Callie, a five year old yellow lab mix. Callie is alive because of RROC, and the days she spent locked in a cold concrete cage on the kill list are behind her. Now Callie spends her time playing, wagging her tail and sleeping on my bed. RROC has made my life, and Callie's, significantly brighter.
-Nicole D.

As an RROC volunteer, I have the pleasure of speaking with new volunteer applicants that are so excited about joining a team of dedicated, loyal, enthusiastic, passionate, loving, and giving people that do everything possible to give dogs another chance to have a meaningful life with a new person or family. It is such a fulfilling and rewarding volunteer job to do, I cannot imagine my life without RROC. The canines that we have the opportunity to help with their second chance at life, actually helps every volunteer feel the pride of our tireless work. We are the voice for these magnificent animals that have so much to offer, they teach us to be the best at what we are capable of doing. I try to be the person my dog insists that I am.
-Jeri D.

We loved working with RROC. Every volunteer that we had the pleasure to work was was so helpful and supportive. We felt that all of our questions were answered and, though we've been dog owners for a while, we also received information to help educate us in areas that we weren't familiar with or that we hadn't dealt with since our dog had been a puppy.
We visited a few dogs/puppies prior to finding our perfect little pup. We were looking for a good fit to our family, and if it wasn't right, that was okay. We never felt pressured, as RROC wants to make sure it's the perfect match as well.
RROC want to make sure that each adoption is a match made for a lasting, loving relationship. We found our new family member, our puppy Duke. We couldn't be happier! He is such a joy!
We've stayed in contact with RROC since the adoption and have sent them pictures and updates. We feel we found friends in these dog lovers who do such a great service in rescuing such wonderful, loving, loyal companions!
Thank your RROC for all you did for us...You know we'll be back into the process at some point to get Duke a little buddy!
-Kim & John U

We cannot believe that a dog as wonderful and sweet as the one we were able to rescue would have ever had to need a second chance. Thanks to the RROC, we found such an amazing and loyal member to add to our family. And now, as we foster for the time, we once again are so honored to be part of the process of saving these beautiful animals from a horrible fate. The work that RROC does to save animals is not only necessary, but done in such a friendly and beautiful way. RROC gives these dogs a second chance, and saves lives!
-Lisa R.

I first met RROC at a local pet store, when looking for my new best friend. I thought I knew the dog I wanted, but the Coordinator and Foster Parent, not only helped me find what I didn't realize I was looking for, but also the best four legged friend I'd ever love. I was so impressed with the process and all the volunteers I'd met during the adoption, that I wanted to be part of this organization.
The dog I adopted was like no others, a severely abused dog, but under the loving, patient hands of the foster parent who taught the dog and me how to trust, I ended up with a bonding friendship like no other I'd experienced. All the dogs that I met were loved and well cared for and the people are all so dedicated. I am proud to say I am, even if only a small part, a volunteer and big advocate of RROC. I hope some day when I retire to dedicate a lot more of my time to them and their mission.

I have immense deep respect for an organization that rescues beautiful dogs of all ages who would otherwise be euthanized. I was fortunate that I was introduced to RROC and have been a foster home to a number of these dogs; not only do they bring me and my family such enjoyment, there is no greater satisfaction to me than feeling like I have been a part of their rescue when I turn them over to their forever home to be a cherished pet. RROC is a great organization to be associated with.
-Anita B

I came to be a volunteer and foster home with RROC late 2009 by way of an ad on Craigslist. I don't remember the exact wording, but it said something to the effect of one person making a difference in the lives of so many unwanted pets. The message really resonated with me. I began doing home visits, then we opened our home to a puppy mill rescue dog as our first foster dog. What he taught me and my children was an invaluable lesson. Love, patience, and structure can be wonderful healers for both the dog and for us. Sam went on to the absolute perfect home for him and although we were sad to see him go, we knew that because of us, and RROC's belief that he was worth saving, he would complete a family as much as that family completed him. We have gone on to foster 26 more dogs so far. The dedication and compassion of the volunteers that make up Retriever Rescue of Colorado is inspiring to me. I can't say enough wonderful things about this organization, and I believe with all my heart that they way we treat animals, who depend on us solely for survival, is a legacy that we leave for future generations. Although there are many worthy causes, this one is probably the most fun and immediately rewarding!
-Jill B.

RROC brought back my joy, fulfillment, and love through the amazing creature I found with them. My sweet Hoku fills my life. I will be forever grateful to this incredible organization who knew exactly who to match me with when I didn't know myself. Now I have the distinct pleasure of serving as a volunteer to help others find their matches with those beautiful retrievers who have the great fortune to come to Denver and RROC. This organization and it's angels are more than worthy of any and all support available.
-Gail K.

What drew me to RROC is their remarkable mission - always to reach out for the hopeless cases, abandoned, abused, unwanted dogs with every kind of illness needing care. Over and over, we see these precious critters recover and thrive with just the right combination of patience, tender care and love, then ultimately find their forever homes at last!
My special interest and passion is for the elder canines, and I have always been supported and encouraged to follow my experience and instincts for their premium care.
Our intake coordinators reach out to help the utterly adoptable though they may have health or behavior issues, and might only have a day left...the RROC angels know when lives can be saved, and many reach that lofty goal!
It is a privilege to be a volunteer and foster Mom for this classy rescue group.
-Bobbi L.

Organization History

RROC began in 2006 with only a few volunteers on hand to spearhead the effort to create an incredible rescue organization. The expectation that RROC would achieve saving around 30 dogs was far exceeded within the first year of operation and today proudly touts more than 3000 retrievers saved and adopted.

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