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Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network

During these turbulent times, RMIAN responded to rapid changes in immigration policy by increasing its programmatic capacity to meet unprecedented needs. You can help support free legal representation for refugee and immigrant families in Colorado by making a life-changing contribution today.

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Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN) serves low-income adults and children in immigration proceedings. RMIAN promotes knowledge of legal rights, provides effective representation to ensure due process, works to improve detention conditions, and promotes a more humane immigration system, including alternatives to detention.

Organization History

Individuals, children, and families going through high-stakes immigration proceedings do not have the right to court-appointed counsel. In Colorado, approximately 90% of detained individuals at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center in Aurora do not have a lawyer despite empirical studies showing that detained individuals with lawyers are over ten times more likely to win their cases than those without. In the first half of 2019, the Aurora facility expanded by over 50% and this already alarming rate has likely lowered. Equally shocking, over half of unaccompanied children before the Denver Immigration Court do not have a lawyer. RMIAN exists to fight these grave injustices.

Founded as a nonprofit organization in 2000, RMIAN provides free and culturally relevant immigration legal services to adults in civil immigration detention, as well as to children and families throughout Colorado.

In 2003, RMIAN was selected to pilot the now-nationally recognized Legal Orientation Program at the Aurora immigration detention center, where RMIAN staff members continue to have a daily presence conducting "Know Your Rights" presentations, individual orientations, and self-help workshops to detained individuals.

While working in the detention context, RMIAN identified the critical needs of children in immigration legal proceedings who had fled persecution and other forms of violence in their home countries and who were often unaware of relief mechanisms available to them. Seeing another vastly unmet need, RMIAN launched its Children's Program in 2005 to provide free legal services to immigrant children, as well as to provide technical assistance to child welfare professionals.

To provide further support to the individuals held in the immigration detention center, RMIAN's Social Service Project (SSP) offers vital social services to detained immigrants who have survived crimes, experience difficulty being isolated from their families, or suffer from mental illness. Finally, the Human Trafficking Project provides support to the Children's Program and the Detention Program by screening clients for trafficking indicators and seeking appropriate immigration relief and protection accordingly.

Equipped with nearly two decades of experience and nationally recognized expertise, RMIAN endeavors to ensure access to justice for all by providing free immigration legal services to adults detained at the Aurora Immigration Detention Center and to non-detained children and families throughout Colorado, in pursuit of a world where every person going through high-stakes immigration proceedings has legal counsel by their side.


"The contribution that Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network has granted me thoroughly impacted my life in many positive manners. Firstly, the organization was thorough and communication was wonderful. My journey to becoming a U.S. citizen was accompanied by Ashley Harrington, and my success would not have been possible without her. Her commitments to helping me pursue my end goal and especially understanding my purpose to become a U.S. citizen never faltered. Truly, I thank the RMIAN for all the work and contributions to helping me become a U.S. citizen. Without their help, my safety would certainly be diminished."
~ Children's Program client, Felix Channiago

"RMIAN helped me obtain my residency for the United States as a student on a path for college. Being an undocumented immigrant draws an imaginary, but harsh boundary on your dreams. My dream to become a doctor - my whole life abruptly stopped my senior year in high school. RMIAN not only helped erased the boundary, but returned the hope I had lost to become a doctor. RMIAN completely changed my life."
-RMIAN Client, Children's Program

"I have loved working with RMIAN because the work that RMIAN does provides a segment of our society, that is so often forgotten or abused, hope; hope that they can become open contributing members of our society, hope that they can become self-sufficient and support their families, hope that they can come out of the shadows and realize their potential."
-Volunteer Attorney, Children's Program

"RMIAN provided me with an amazing educational experience while at the same time providing me the tools to prevent a young man from being deported from the United States of America. Knowing that I have helped provide this young man a second chance to prove to himself, his family and society that he can be a valuable member of this community is the greatest feeling of accomplishment that I could have. This feeling is priceless. I also believe that this young man and his family will grow stronger in their relationships with each other each day. Because of RMIAN, I have been afforded the opportunity to help not just one man, but an entire family. Without RMIAN, this family could have been separated forever."
-Volunteer Attorney, Detention Program

"Over all, I was very touched and affected by the men waiting to go before the Judge without help or representation. I felt their anxiety and fear, and I thought of the families that they will leave behind if deported. I know it sounds silly after just one hearing, but I have been wondering about what kind of law I would like to practice for a long time, but I think I have finally found a place where I feel very happy and comfortable. I hope I can help with more cases in the future. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity."
-Volunteer Attorney, Detention Program

"RMIAN helped me at a time when my life was in pieces, when I was at my lowest, in an immigration detention center. They gave me hope the day I was released from the detention center and I was able to see my children and family after two long months- that was truly the happiest day in my life. By helping me become a legal permanent resident in the United States, RMIAN gave me a sense of belonging and security. I now have restored faith in myself and have been able to do more and go further than what I initially believed."
-RMIAN Client, Detention Program

"I just finished off my first semester in Boulder and I can't thank you and RMIAN enough for all that has been done. This organization has helped me get one step closer (an enormous step) towards achieving my short and long-term goals in life. It has also helped me open the doors to college because I have financial support from the government. I still remember that day when I received a letter from USCIS stating that I had been approved for permanent residency; it is definitely one of my favorite moments. This chapter in my life would not have been written if it weren't for RMIAN and I am truly blessed to have been able to meet people who are as dedicated and as helpful as RMIAN. It just goes to show that when the chips are down keep your head up because there is always hope. Thank you again and again!"
-RMIAN Client, Children's Program

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