Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen, Inc.

The Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen (PCSK) depends on donations to serve meals to 115-200 people per day in a city where more than 15% of citizens and 26% of children are not able to eat half the time or more because of cost.

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Feeding the Hungry


Food, Agriculture & Nutrition 


Females, all ages or age unspecified
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Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen, Inc. (PCSK) provides a hot noon meal to those who are hungry. The full-time cook and volunteers prepare a nutritious meal that is served six days a week (Monday through Saturday) from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm. No one is turned away, and no questions are asked. There are a variety of reasons that can leave a person with little or nothing to eat, and PCSK allows people to have at least one nourishing meal during normal business days. Based on food donations, the cook develops a well-balanced meal consisting of an entrée, side(s), a salad, and dessert. Demand varies from the beginning of the month to the end, serving anywhere from 115 to 200 clients. Clients volunteer to help with cleanup after lunch, and the Soup Kitchen is closed down by 1:00 pm.

Because of the large number of pastries donated by a number of organizations, PCSK is able to provide a light morning snack to clients. This is particularly attractive during the colder months, as many people would otherwise find themselves out on the streets. Coffee, juice, and pastries are served from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. It is no extra work to staff or volunteers, as clients serve themselves while lunch is prepared. Approximately 100 people take advantage of this service every morning.

PCSK sticks to its mission of providing meals and does not sponsor or conduct any other programs. However, we work in close conjunction with many other agencies, and these organizations will frequently offer services or programs for PCSK clients to take advantage of.


Evidence of Program's Success

"GD is one of our clients and is originally from Alamosa. He relocated to Pueblo in 1990 and bought a home. Unfortunately GD got into some bad habits that he is not happy to admit but now is very proud to say he has been clean for two years and is self employed. GD still comes to the PCSK to eat and also gives us cash donations when he can." ~ Eva Matola

"I was teaching at PCC and had a class that started at noon. One of my students was consistently late by 5 or 10 minutes. I asked him if he couldn't plan to leave home just a few minutes earlier so he could arrive on time. He explained that he ate at PCSK every day, and they didn't serve until 11:15. He waited in line and ate quickly, but had to ride his bicycle from the Soup Kitchen to the college and just couldn't get to class any earlier. I subsequently discovered that several of my students depended on PCSK for their main meal. This inspired me to form a collaboration with the Soup Kitchen. I was directing a program for students who had been in trouble with the law, and I made an arrangement for our students to regularly volunteer one day a month. Since they had been consumers of community resources, I wanted them to have the experience of giving back.

One day, I was at PCSK with several volunteers from my program when I walked in on a student who had been assigned to emptying boxes in the storeroom. He was leaning against a shelf weeping. "I saw those people out front, and I used to sell drugs to some of them. I can't stand to see what's happened to them and to think I helped it happen."

I have seen students benefit from the services provided by PCSK and from the act of volunteering to help others. I know that PCSK makes a difference in the community." ~ Rebecca Wasil

"Mark is our part-time dishwasher. Mark is originally from Ohio and unfortunately when he moved to Colorado he became homeless and became a client at PCSK. As a client he would always volunteer to help us clean after every meal. Once he was hired as our dishwasher his luck changed and was able to get his own apartment." ~ Eva Matola

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