Project PAVE, Inc.

Please join Project PAVE in working to end relationship violence in our community. Your gift supports critical therapy and support services for young people who have witnessed or experienced relationship violence and violence prevention education, healthy masculinity and youth leadership programs.

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Project Pave Inc​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

The mission of Project PAVE is to empower youth to end the cycle of relationship violence. The cycle of relationship violence is generational and affects people in every community. PAVE's approach to ending this cycle is through intervention and prevention education programming.

Organization History

The mission of Project PAVE is to empower youth to end the cycle of relationship violence. The cycle of relationship violence is generational and affects people in every community. PAVE's approach to ending this cycle is through intervention and prevention. Project PAVE was established in 1986 in response to a number of violent incidents in the Denver area. Community leaders came together to create a framework for intersecting early in the lives of youth and families exposed to relationship violence. Following the shooting and paralysis of an attorney in a domestic violence case, Project PAVE programming expanded to include the School-Based Therapy and Family Advocacy Program (Intervention) and the Violence Prevention Education Program (Prevention) as an innovative approach to ending the cycle of relationship violence. Understanding that children exposed to violence often become victims or perpetrators later in life, programs are tailored to the meet the unique needs of children and youth who are victims and/or witnesses of domestic violence, physical or sexual assault, child abuse, or teen dating violence.


"I am very grateful for Project PAVE. We started therapy in chaos... I was an emotional mess as were my children, and their behaviors were showing it. Through therapy I was able to identify this. My children were able to express their feelings towards their father in very constructive and creative ways."
Project PAVE client

"These workshops were the start of the point where my life changed. I always knew relationship violence is one of the biggest issues we never address. Through these workshops, I was able to see the necessity of young people to speak out about it."
Former student and relationship violence survivor, Emily Griffith School

"We now have the tools that will lead us in the right direction for a very healthy mother-daughter relationship."
Project PAVE client

"I have seen firsthand the impact that Project PAVE has made in school communities and neighborhoods in Denver. The success of Project PAVE programs in Whittier K-8 is the result of hard work, dedication, and an authentic commitment to this community."
Jai Palmer, Principal, Whitter K - 8 School

"Because of Project PAVE I have improved my parenting skills and my youngest daughter is learning to resolve the issues she has surrounding my divorce from her abusive father and his subsequent abandonment of our family."
Project PAVE client

"At first I never took anything like "dating violence" seriously until Project PAVE came to my class. It was such an eye opener and really made me think. Especially about how important equal power and respect are and that you need them to have a healthy relationship."
10th grade student, East High School

"Were it not for Project PAVE, many young people would go without services."
Peggy Calhoun, Teacher, Bear Creek High School

"Thank you very much for giving me the resources to make my dreams of higher education come true. It would not have been possible without your assistance! Thank you also for giving me an opportunity to tell my story; it was the first step in the healing process."
Carolyn Cole, 2005 Scholarship Recipient and 2009 Emory University Graduate

"Our entire school community has benefited from our partnership with Project PAVE."
Alicia Daigler, Academy of Urban Learning

"It taught me about respect and tolerance in relationships in the real world. I learned to respect my partner and communicate better."
11th grade student, East High School

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