The Pinon Project

Maintaining and building the capacity necessary to meet our program needs in Montezuma and Dolores Counties creates a need for general unrestricted funding. Our programs result in positive community impact, and we often face a challenge in generating the necessary resources.

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The Pinon Project​​​​​​​
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210 E. Main Street
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Mission Statement

The Piñon Project Family Resource Center strengthens our community by providing comprehensive services for children and families.

Organization History

The Piñon Project Family Resource Center is a non-profit organization that originated in 1994 as a result of a community grassroots effort under The Healthy Communities Initiative. Through the Initiative, Montezuma County engaged in a process of creating a statement of vision for our community's future. The process brought together passionate community stakeholders who were charged with the task of identifying root issues critical to the local area and developing sustainable projects to address those issues. Through the efforts of those committed community members and The Healthy Communities Initiative, The Piñon Project evolved from that vision statement.


- Kyra and Chris entered our Family Development process through a Colorado Community Response (CCR) program referral. When I met them, they were living in the home of a woman for whom Kyra's mother was a caregiver. Due to rising tensions, Kyra's mother left the woman's home, and Kyra and Chris were left there to fend for themselves.

During our initial meeting, Kyra and Chris expressed their desire to find a home for themselves, living in the woman's home was uncomfortable for them and caused friction with her and her daughter's family. They were both employed full time at local grocery stores, and had a vehicle that was less than reliable when it came to the daily commute from work to their current place out of town.

Through goal setting, Kyra and Chris diligently searched for housing and made the contacts themselves. When it came time to move to their newfound place, I was able to provide funding assistance through CCR program for their security deposit and first month's rent.

Another established goal is for Chris to obtain his GED. I provided him the contact information for our local Adult Education Center, and he will follow up with them to ensure that the schedule of the classes and his working hours mesh well.

The couple is doing well in their new apartment, they are consciously monitoring their expenses and planning for them; and are ready to begin a new life together on their upcoming wedding.

-"Wow, I never really paid attention to what was on the label. After the lesson, I started reading labels. I was shocked at what they put into food. Thank you for helping me learn to read labels. " - Cooking Matters Participant

-Never thought that my children would eat vegetables, but they enjoyed the vegetable lasagna. -Cooking Matters Participant

-Thanks for teaching my family how to read labels. We have stopped eating some of our favorite foods because of the ingredients. We really feel much better. - Cooking Matters Participant

-Okay now I know why I need to eat my vegetables, I do not like it but I will. Cooking Matters Participant (child)

-Thanks for helping me learn to cook. Not being able to cook was one of the reasons that I eat out … a lot! Now I cook simple meals. I eat out a lot less. Thanks! - Eating Smart Being Active Participant

-I really feel good when we exercises. I love the hiking. I never get the chance to hike, so thank you! -Eating Smart Being Active Participant

-I love eating healthy, and now I know how to cook healthy! Thanks! Eating Matters Being Active Participant

-One of our families who have been utilizing the Supervised Visitation services since November of 2016 was able to reach a resolution with the custodial parent so that they no longer can only see their kids while at The Piñon Project! This parent has really made an effort to get more parenting time and was the first to participate in the Parents As Teachers Program while in a Supervised Visit. The hard work this parent has done to reach their goals has positively made a noticeable difference through their interactions with their kids, and even with the staff here at The Piñon Project. The custodial parent even mentioned the positive changes, and how they were happy to see that their kids were getting more opportunities to have time with that parent!
-WAGEES success story
Rodney Wates is our success story for the WAGEES program this annual report. He has been used as an example of success several times in our tenure mainly because Rodney is an example of how best to use the resources offered. He has teamed up with another client making sure he had a study partner when he earned his CDLB. They are also work out partners making use of the gym membership he was rewarded with for actively participating in his success. He has made friends which keeps him from isolating himself which has led to failure in other clients. He has been a good neighbor and a good citizen doing all required counseling, keeping all his required appointments and making sure he has done his part to be successful all done with humility. This has been noticed by the director of The Bridge Shelter, Laurie Knutson, who has mentioned that Rodney exemplifies the type of client who would be successful in the transitional housing being built above the new shelter opening this fall. When a used car was donated to the shelter, Rodney was the person we all thought of as the perfect candidate to make the best use of the vehicle. He took on the challenge and secured all the documents to get the vehicle on the road. He has secured temporary housing, has a part time job and is planning to go back to school to get his CDLA so that he will be prepared to work the entire year instead of relying on the seasonal employment a CDLB tends to offer. Rodney's positive attitude and honesty with himself and others has attracted people who want to see him succeed. His journey is far from over but he is showing that he is willing to do what it takes to get there.

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