Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir

Inclusive community. diversity, and reverence of the earth are core Orpheus values. Committed to beautiful music expressively sung, we strive for innovative musical experiences. By investing in Orpheus, you foster positive, transformative energy: "I know Orpheus changes lives. It changed mine."

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General Information

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Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir​​​​​​​
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644 N. Downing Street
Denver, CO 80218
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644 N. Downing Street
Denver, CO 80218
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820 S. Monaco Parkway
Denver, CO 80224
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Mission Statement

Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir
Mission Statement

To broaden the greater community's understanding of Pagan beliefs and influences through innovative choral performances.
Adopted by the Board of Directors February 18, 2019

Organization History

Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir (OPCC) was founded in 2009. Beginning with 15 members, the choir's first performance was at the 2010 Beltania Festival in Florence, CO. Its first official season featured three concerts: a sold-out 12th Night: A Yule Concert and Viking Feast, a second Beltania performance, and a spring concert in Denver, CO.

Between 2010 and 2013, OPCC's audience grew by over 300%. OPCC expanded its concert seasons with a Rite of Remembrance (2015), and a Family Concert (2017). Additional concerts in 2018-2019 included an appearance at the Denver Public Library and a performance on the Westside Live Presents concert series in Golden, CO.

OPCC's first fundraising event was in 2010: The Orpheus MeadFest, a showcase for the burgeoning Colorado mead industry and an international mead makers' competition. The Meadfest is now recognized as one of the 5 largest mead competitions in the country. In 2012, OPCC recorded its first CD, successfully supported by a crowdfunding campaign. This gained the choir international recognition.


Testimonials a/o/ Aug 23 , 2020

"Orpheus does important work of amplifying voices and dispelling misconceptions about Pagan and earth-centered communities. Singing with this organization has shown me perspectives I hadn't considered before. I joined for the interesting music they create, and I stay for the inclusive culture of Orpheus."
- Micayla B., High School Choral Conductor

"In these especially troubling times, when there is so much unrest and disconnection, we tend to go back to the basics of healing...to mend from the heart. As a community member, I support Orpheus because of the opportunities to bring voice through music and celebrate the uplifting of our spirits.

Renewal, community, and the valuing of earth are central to the inspiration found within Orpheus' core. Investing in an inclusive community, such as Orpheus, fosters positive light that contrasts with the more stressful factors currently threatening our wellbeing."
-Scott M, Donor and supporter

"While there are a plethora of choirs and chorales to choose from within the Denver area, I choose to sing with Orpheus because of the true sense of community felt both within the choir and from the choir's patrons.

Additionally, the repertoire is stellar, comprised of some traditional music alongside contemporary and original compositions. The music selections are unlike anything I've ever been a part of before; they are both challenging and fun to sing.

Orpheus, however, is more than just a choir that meets weekly (outside of COVID times, of course). Orpheus is more than just a group of people. In the end, Orpheus is an organization dedicated to bringing appreciation, education, and tolerance to an oft-overlooked (and frequently condemned) community-practitioners of earth-based religions and spiritualities-and does so through the guise of beautiful choral music." - Michelle K., member

"Orpheus Pagan Choir has been instrumental to my life - primarily because it uses the most beautiful instrument I know - the human voice. This organization brings together a very diverse community, giving all of us support in each of our own desired and needed ways, we draw from their inspiration and beautiful music. This is so important during the difficult times of stress and upheaval we receive in our daily lives. We are given hope and shown respect and love all through the trained voices with harmonies and amazing arrangements of naught-often heard music.

I have brought many people to concerts and each one, in turn, brings more, and each and every person is overwhelmed with emotion. I support Orpheus because it is a chiro, a non-profit organization that gives much more than it receives and continues to grow, always in love."
-Kari T., Donor and supporter

"As soon as I heard there was a non-Christian choir in town, I said "I have to join!" Don't get me wrong, I love the sounds of choirs, and I absolutely love singing in a choir. I have sung in many Christian choirs.
Orpheus, however, has such a varied set of themes to draw from. There is so much more than just the ONE subject.

...and Orpheus has lived up to the challenge this presents. Orpheus draws from the top level of (secular) Classical Music. There's also a surprising number of pieces dedicated to Greek Mythology.

Andrew Adams is amazing as a director and voice instructor. I love trying (and sometimes succeeding) to sing up to his standards. I am inspired to be a better musician. I love hearing and performing the interesting, challenging, traditional and new music.

...and then, right away, I saw how Orpheus knit together so many diverse people within Earth based spiritual groups, and many other "under reported" communities. "Music hath charms", Indeed! 10 years on… I'm still here…" - Doug W. Founding Member

"By making wider cultural and societal issues a central focus, Orpheus is more than a highly skilled chamber choir. Its performances and outreach promote marginalized groups of people and viewpoints. This is only because these are the most selfless, giving set of musicians that I have performed with." Mark Y - Board Member

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