Feeding Our Community Ourselves, Inc.

As the only non-profit restaurant in Northern Colorado, FoCo Cafe serves all people, while filling a gap and need that many struggle with; there is not face to food insecurity. We do not offer hands outs, rather a way to participate in community in a way that lifts people up and offers hope.

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Doug Schwartz, Cafe Chef
Start Date: 2017

Having grown up in France, Germany, Belgium and Spain Doug Schwartz learned at an early age an appreciation for good food. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in business, Doug continued his travels and has now visited more than 30 countries, determined to taste regional dishes as close to their origins as possible. Doug learned the Farm to Table concept hands-on in the French countryside for three years while catering for the world's most premier hot air balloon company. Doug looks forward to carrying on the tradition of creating healthy seasonal food for our community through the mission of FoCo Cafe.

Mallory Jayne Andrews, Executive Director
Start Date: 2017

Mallory Andrews is a graduate of Colorado State University with a Masters Degree in Social Work. Mallory has grown into the position of executive director of FoCo Cafe, a volunteer-driven nonprofit cafe in Fort Collins. The FoCo Cafe has served more than 56,300+ fresh, organic and largely locally sourced meals, and thrived since its opening on Thanksgiving Day 2014. The Cafe operates with a donation box - you can pay what you can, pay what you would normally pay, pay it forward so others might eat, or you can make your contribution with time and talent. This concept allows ALL people to access healthy meals with dignity and it brings people together to participate in community, filling a need as basic as that of food.

C. Steven Goerner, Assistant Operations Manager
Start Date: 2015

Steven Goerner was the second employee hired and serves as the Cafe's assistant operations manager. He works with Cafe volunteers and helps to manage operations and the kitchen production schedule. Steven is a veteran and has worked in many positions throughout his life, most recently in landscaping. Steven, like Sam, was hired from the Cafe's volunteer pool due to his interest and drive to help. The Cafe will celebrate Steven's second anniversary at the Cafe in July 2017.

Sam Loftis, Dishwasher/Prep
Start Date: 2015

Sam is the first employee hired by FoCo Cafe. He graduated from Poudre High School in 2013 and spent one year studying computer science at the University of Wyoming, following which he was introduced to FoCo Cafe as a volunteer. He is currently continuing his studies at Front Range Community College and has just celebrated his one-year anniversary as the Cafe's dishwasher and prep staff.

Kathleen and Jeff Baumgardner, Co-founders
Start Date: 2012

Kathleen and Jeff Baumgardner are co-founders of FoCo Cafe.

Kathleen was previously the director of strategic communications for the College of Engineering at Colorado State University. She earned a degree in communications and is a writer, designer, and editor. Kathleen practiced these skills in higher education and advertising agency positions, and served on many local boards in very active leadership roles.

Jeff is a former teacher and USDA research scientist and physician. He put himself through college, graduate school, and medical school by working many jobs including several in the restaurant industry. Jeff loves to cook and has a passion for healthy, nutritious food. Through his work in medicine, he saw the poor and working poor struggle with health and food insecurity and its impact on health.

Their backgrounds and their day-to-day experiences in the start up and operations of FoCo Cafe have driven the Baumgardner's passion to make healthy food and social opportunities accessible to all members of the community.


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