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NeuAbility provides services to improve quality of life and independence to those that live with a spinal cord injury/paralysis. We offer resources when no others are available; our programs are vital for the paralyzed community's physical, mental and emotional long-term wellness.

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(2018)Spinal Cord Recovery Project
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866 East 78th Avenue
Denver , CO 80229
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Mission Statement

NeuAbility strives to optimize the level of overall wellness for those impacted by paralysis through progressive, evidence-based adaptive exercise, alternative medicine practices and the cultivation of a robust community.

Organization History

NeuAbility is a non-profit organization specializing in providing exercise based recovery programs for individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI), stroke, or similar trauma.

NeuAbility, formerly known as the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Recovery Project, was founded in 2007, initially traveling by truck with minimal equipment to serve participants with SCI in their homes. In 2008, the organization moved into 1,000 square foot facility; today the organization occupies a 5,600 square foot state-of-the-art adaptive exercise facility in north Denver.

Our programs are available to all individuals with spinal cord injury regardless of their physical challenges. Every year, NeuAbility provides over 100 different individuals adaptive exercise and wellness programs that help them improve and optimize their level of physical and emotional wellness, and quality of life.

We understand each injury and individual is different, which is why we provide and administer a custom program to help clients maintain health and wellness while providing optimal functional return. We use the following proven elements with our clients: neuromuscular reeducation, weight bearing activities, Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) with the RTI 300 bike, strength training, flexibility, gait training, acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care.

In addition, our facility provides client and family support and networking. We are based in Denver, Colorado and provide service to all qualified applicants. We offer programs for local and out of the area clients both in combination with or in replacement to traditional SCI rehabilitation programs.


Carley Baldwin

Carley Baldwin has been coming to NeuAbility, determined to make improvements on her upper body strength and overall wellness. On June 4, 2017, while diving off a pier in Belize, she became an incomplete C4-C5 Quadriplegic. She underwent a long and intense journey from Belize to Craig Hospital and then to us.

At first glance she was a bit overwhelmed of the workouts she would be doing. However, if you could see her in our facility, you know immediately she is one of our most outgoing participants and willing to try anything. Carley was a competitive swimmer prior to her injury, and her athletic personality shows through in her workouts. Along with her love of cheese and wine, she greatly enjoys being active and trying new challenging exercises.

"NeuAbility has completely changed my outlook on my injury, new life and recovery. The amazing trainers, staff, and fellow participants have helped me set and achieve goals which I didn't know were possible. Everyday I go into NeuAbility, I leave feeling stronger and happier. The SCI community is a club nobody chooses to join, but a place like NeuAbility makes you beyond grateful to have that community." - Carley Baldwin
Our facility provides a safe and accepting environment for individuals with paralysis to receive the kind of attention they need and deserve. Carley has a strong support system that has been beneficial throughout her injury. It always appears that she has a group of family and friends cheering for her while she makes comical facial reactions throughout her workouts. Recently on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Carley was featured along with her good friend, Amy Van Dyken. Carley is determined to reach her goals and continue making progress at NeuAbility.

Carlos Flores

Meet Carlos Flores, a dedicated and hardworking participant at NeuAbility. Carlos was injured in 2012, a rollover car accident. He has a C6-C7 complete injury. After his hospitalization he began to search for a place where he could learn more about himself, his injury, and how to further develop himself both mentally and physically. His brother connected with NeuAbility online, and Carlos has routinely been coming to our facility ever since.

Carlos has accomplished and overcome several obstacles while being at NeuAbility. Not only has he become more independent, but he has also seen an improvement in his strength, his relationship with other people, and overall improvement in his holistic health. Carlos initially showed up to NeuAbility in a power chair and a fear of doing his own transfers. While working with our trainers, Carlos discovered that he is capable of anything. With this change of mentality and consistent work, Carlos is now able to do his own transfers with ease and has been using a manual chair for over a year now.

NeuAbility creates an environment where Carlos is comfortable exercising as he is surrounded by like-minded individuals who support and encourage him. Carlos appreciates everyone who has helped him throughout his journey but gives most of the credit to God, who allows him to continue to have hope and the will to continue going forward.

"You have to push yourself, you never know what you are capable of doing if you don't try." - Carlos Flores.


Les Borsheim

Les Borsheim has been a participant at NeuAbility for ten years. He was injured in 2008 due to a motorcycle accident and became a C4-C5 incomplete quadriplegic. After completing his time at Craig Hospital, he began coming to SCI Recovery Project and has made remarkable progress since he has been working out with us.

Before his injury, Les had a reputation as one of the toughest hockey players for the Colorado Eagles. He would play hockey for long hours to escape from any negativity in his life. The main reason Les enjoys NeuAbility - is to escape from his disability, as well as providing the physical intensity he received from hockey. Les loves the family-like community that NeuAbility provides. It affords him the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals and form life-long relationships with both participants and trainers.

When Les initially began working out at NeuAbility, he could only move his left hand and had to use a power chair to get around. Today, you can see him cruising around in his manual chair proud of his NeuAbility physique. He has regained activation throughout his upper body, lower back, core, and some lower body. His determined mindset and willingness to tackle his injury have been key to his overall improvements at NeuAbility. Les may come off as intimidating due to his intensity in the gym, but he has a big heart. We consider Les to be an amazing part of the organization.


CJ Powell

CJ Powell is a perfect example to demonstrate the impact of the Negley Flinn Foundation. CJ is a participant in the adaptive exercise and integrative therapy programs, who is living with spinal cord injury from a motocross accident in 2013. In that accident he suffered a complete T4 SCI, which left him paralyzed from the sternum-level, down. Don't take my word for it, here's a quick quote from CJ regarding his experience as a participant in our programs:

"When I found NeuAbility in the Spring of 2014, I had been flailing in my physical rehab & my body was in poor shape. Mind you, this was only 9 months post-injury. Within the first month of a twice-weekly regiment (an hour of adaptive exercise & an hour of FES bike, twice a week), I noticed significant changes in my physical well-being. In addition to the adaptive exercise component, the suite of integrative therapies offered were, and continue to be, imperative in my wellness.

Another massive benefit I noticed from being involved in the programs at NeuAbility was the community aspect of the gym. It didn't take long before I realized how tight-knit the community here was. The community provided is equally as significant to us folks living with paralysis as the adaptive exercise & integrative therapy programs. A little over two-and-half years later, the benefits are consistent, and I've continued to see progress & improvements in my abilities.

NeuAbility has empowered me to take on new challenges, drastically improved my confidence & self-worth and allowed to me to be the best version of myself post-injury. It is the end-all, be-all when it comes to paralysis rehabilitation."


Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner, previously a commercial pilot, was injured on a hunting trip when a semi-truck side swiped his vehicle. Mark suffered a SCI and is a quadriplegic. Mark is a regular at the gym, attending two to three hours of adaptive exercise three times a week. For Mark this is his physical release and time to receive mobility to his limbs, keeping his blood flowing, relieving pressure ulcers, and orthostatic hypotension. Mark is the proud father of two young men, one a student at Evergreen High School and the second heading off to college this fall at Kansas State University. His wife Julie is not only his care giver but is also the board chair for NeuAbility - their support and leadership is instrumental in the success of NeuAbility.

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