Mother House, Inc.

A big portion of Mother House's funding comes from individual donors who support our program through large one-time donations and through smaller monthly donations. We can't do this work without your support and your money will go to providing food, shelter, and services to our moms and babies.

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"Boulder's Program for At-Risk and Homeless Pregnant Women in Need"




Crime/Abuse Victims
Infants/Babies (under age 5)
Substance Abusers (Drug/Alcohol Abusers)


Mother House provides shelter to homeless, pregnant women and their newborn babies. Mother House is more than an emergency, homeless shelter, as it provides an opportunity for homeless, pregnant women to gain their dignity and self-respect while acquiring a sense of direction during their pregnancy and after they give birth. They are allowed to live at Mother House until their baby is 4-10 months old. During their stay, they are looking for low-income housing to move into after Mother House.

Many women arrive penniless, therefore it is imperative that we allow them an opportunity to live at Mother House while learning to advance their situation into a stable, stress-free environment. Our program will provide basic needs, education and help with transportation along with all items necessary for a newborn from formula, diapers, clothing, basinetts, car seats, strollers, etc.

Mother House will advocate for each resident to acquire financial assistance from W.I.C., Food Stamps, and TANF services. All residents must agree to receive therapy counseling which is paid for through Medicaid.

Mother House also provides the financial support to help acquire lost or stolen documentation such as birth certificates, I.D.'s, and other forms of identification needed for any resident.

Besides a clean, home-like living environment, Mother House provides educational speakers on a weekly basis. As well, a computer and internet service is available to assist the residents with job searching, communicating with family and assisting with on-line classes.

It is important that our program continue to offer education for schooling (GED or college, job training) while living at our residential facility. Additional classes the residents benefit from are childbirth classes and parenting classes as most of our residents are facing a future of single parenting.

Many of our residents have previous drug and/or alcohol addictions. Mother House has an Agreement with Boulder Mental Health (BMH) to also help these pregnant women with addictions. Together our program and BMH are committed to facilitating access to a supportive home-like environment for pregnant, imminently homeless women who might have struggled in the past or are currently struggling with substance abuse or dependence. We also work closely with Boulder County Social Services, Local Drug Courts and Probation if a resident has an open case with these professionals.

Many years ago, shortly after the creation of Mother House, a mentoring program called Big SIS which stands for "Simply Incredible Support" was initiated. This program simply connects a resident with a mentor that will be there for her throughout her stay at Mother House. Many Bg SIS's become the family or the best friend she doesn't have during her pregnancy. Many of our Big SIS's stay connected to their partner well beyond her stay at Mother House.

The Coordinator meets with each resident on a weekly basis to monitor their goals and plans in order that nothing "fall through the cracks". She makes sure that they are working or going to school at least 20 hours per week. She makes sure that they are following through with community resources, pre-natal care, and any other service that will assist them in getting on their feet.


Evidence of Program's Success

Evidence of Mother House's successful program is illustrated through its healthy, happy babies and empowered moms. Residents learn skills to change their lives while staying at Mother House. They have support through services in the area and people who care about them. They show better decision making skills and choices after having help.

We also receive a number of referrals from agencies and individuals in our community. We have a good reputation for our program and people trust that women will be treated well and get what they need here. We employ a strong intake process and very seldom do we need to release someone from our program. Our contract along with our rules in place give our residents a sense of security and safety while at Mother House.

Our greatest success is when a resident can find a more permanent housing situation when leaving Mother House. Research shows that it often takes 3 years or more to recover from being homeless or in crisis. We are just one part of the journey for a woman who finds herself pregnant and homeless. We are a very important part and we make a big difference in the lives of the women who come here.

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