Mother House, Inc.

A big portion of Mother House's funding comes from individual donors who support our program through large one-time donations and through smaller monthly donations. We can't do this work without your support and your money will go to providing food, shelter, and services to our moms and babies.

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Mother House Inc​​​​​​​
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Maternity Home
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P.O. Box 19589
Boulder, CO 80308
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Mission Statement

Mother House provides a safe haven for pregnant women who are at risk. We are committed to protecting mothers and their children, providing a nurturing and loving home, and encouraging them to build the confidence and skills necessary for a successful future.

Organization History

In 1983, Mother House received its 501(c)(3) and opened its doors as a home for pregnant, homeless women. This first house was located near the University of Colorado, which was challenging due to the young ages of the expectant mothers and the lack of privacy and confidentiality on busy Marine Street. At that time, a volunteer Director worked part time and volunteers gave of their time to supervise the residents.

In 1996, plans began to build a new facility on Pearl St. in downtown Boulder specifically for the needs of a shelter. An anonymous couple in Boulder donated the majority of funds to build the two story building.

In the years since Mother House moved into its location on Pearl St. improvements have been made to the house to increase the kitchen size and to use the space in ways that allowed expansion for it's total resident number. The kitchen, bathrooms, office spaces, and infrastructure have all been regularly maintained and improved to allow Mother House to increase both its housing capacity and its programing and outreach capabilities. Mother House now serves both the needs of residents who call it a home as well as a variety of community needs offering donated baby and maternity items to low-income families, classes to low-income mothers, and referral services and resource connections to all referred clients who don't know where else to turn.

In 2018 under the leadership of our new Executive Director Mother House has expand the number of its beds from 7 to 9, added a community donation program, and expand resources and referral services to include non-residents.

Mother House has remained true to the founders of our organization in that we continue to help homeless women in a pregnancy crisis. Our focus has not changed and we remain committed to ensuring stability in a nurturing, structured environment. Our program and its volunteers, board members and staff are encouraged to continue touching the lives of women who seek our help. We have served over 750 women and babies since we opened our doors.


In August of 2016, *Jessica came to an alumni dinner at Mother House and was filled with excitement to report what had happened to her since leaving Mother House 10 months earlier. She was no longer drinking sugary sodas, she was in process of getting her teeth fixed (they were destroyed by meth) and was just accepted into a training program. She had also repaired her marriage and had gotten back custody of her two oldest children. Her baby was now walking and meeting all her milestones. It was such a joy to hear her say that "Mother House helped me so much when I was such a mess"

In June of 2015, *Jenny announced at a resident meeting "I've been suffering with depression and anxiety since I was in my early teens. I often considered suicide and believed that life was too hard, my emotions were "out of control" and I just wanted to end it all. Now, I'm the happiest I've been since I was a child. I'm more stable than I have been in years. I wake up feeling good about myself and my life. I go to bed feeling the same way. I am thankful for this experience. I believe that Mother House is exactly where I am supposed to be".

*Lucy came to Mother House from living in temporary shelters for months. She had a difficult time accepting care and concern when she first came to Mother House. She gave birth to her baby girl and right before she moved out in Sept 2014, she texted: "I just want to thank you for your support throughout this whole process. I reeeeally appreciate everything you do n say. Without the mother house idk where I'd be. I thank God everyday for this opportunity of a lifetime. I'm finally getting familiar with confidence in myself n things I do".

When *Rachel moved out of Mother House in the spring of 2014, she shared "I thought my life was over when I came into Mother House, but now I know that my life is just beginning" Rachel is still in Boulder with her little boy and is in graduate school pursuing a degree in community health.

Former Resident *Katy writes from Austin, Texas that she is managing well. her boys are great and they just celebrated *Kevin's 3rd birthday; Son *Josh is starting kindergarten in Sept.; and newborn son *Liam, is now 7 weeks old. She states she is planning to continue working as a doula and yoga instructor. August 13, 2013

On August 8, 2012 Mia wrote: "Thank you for helping me while I was still pregnant with a healthy bright start into the right directions. I had a joyful experience of pregnancy, with incredible support and acceptance, a great birthing experience and now a strong healthy boy. This would not have been as easily and enjoyable was it not for having the opportunity of staying at Mother House. I am forever and utterly grateful. Thank you for the efforts of this, making it possible, for being part of a turning an unplanned and unexpected pregnancy into one that I could never have dreamed of - the most blissful, joyable, greatest experience of life and giving life! Blessings, Mia"

"I came to Mother House on August 21, 2009 and was 22 weeks pregnant. I had a car, packed with my most valuable belongings and didn't know where I would be sleeping that night. I felt like I was just another statistic - a 23 year old high school dropout with no education and no place to turn. Mother House opened its arms to me. Through the opportunities I have been given, I now am a high scoring GED graduate and a 4.0 Medical Assistant student. I have been able to access essential tools to become a great parent and viable human being to society. I feel that I now have the confidence that I can go anywhere in life"! - *Kelly (2013)

"I was able to get a job and start changing. After a few months, I decided to give my son up for adoption so he could have the best life possible. I then hooked up with Geri Glazer with Creative Adoptions. She hooked me up with the most awesome family. They couldn't of been more perfect! In March 2009, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. He is a blessing for everyone in his life. Thanks to Mother House and Creative Adoptions, I will be starting school in the summer and have a new outlook on life. Mother House is really doing a great thing by helping girls in need! Thank you so much to everyone involved". - *Hilary (Spring 2009)

"My name is *Arianna and I entered the Mother house in October of 2006 when I was five months pregnant with my daughter. Before I entered Mother House I had been arrested on a DUI charge, served time in jail, and was living at a halfway house in Boulder. During my stay at the Mother House I was given the structure that I needed and was able to adjust to a new lifestyle that did not involve partying. I also learned about how to be a good parent through the groups and guest speakers that came by.

* Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of our residents.

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