Lucy Roucis - A True Grand Dame
by Phamaly Theatre Company
Fundraiser launched on February 10, 2021 by Phamaly Theatre Company
We are heartbroken at the sudden and unexpected death of longtime Phamaly actor, Lucy Roucis.

Lucy was the epitome of the spirit and artistry of Phamaly…a true grande dame of our company and the Colorado theatre community. She performed in 43 Phamaly shows…more than any other actor. She was a key writer for years on Vox Phamalia and co-wrote on other projects, like Phamaly's touring show Smile and Say Hello, the CineVox and Rewrite webseries, and many other events and outreach programs. She co-led education classes, and consistently worked with other Phamaly actors behind the scenes on honing their acting craft. She was a role model for fellow actors in Phamaly and beyond, and was admired and beloved by friends, critics, and audiences.

Phamaly has lost one of its most extraordinary and dedicated artists…an unmatched force of nature who was central to everything Phamaly has become.

But we know at a moment like this, Lucy probably would have caught us off guard with an irreverent joke, funny face, or some dry wit accompanied by her low rumbling laugh. As we process through the sadness of no longer having her in person with us, we also celebrate her humor, artistry, energy, and talent that we were so fortunate to experience. The impact of her brilliance is forever imprinted on Phamaly and our community, and it will never be extinguished.

We are so grateful for the time that we got to share with her, as well as our good fortune to have gotten so many incredible moments with Lucy in our Phamaly family.

"No more despair, or burdens to bear…out there in the yonder…"

We love you, Lucy.
Your help makes a real difference
In loving memory and celebration of Lucy.
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