Some nonprofits in our community
  • Advocates of Lake County
    Your support allows us to provide trauma-informed services and promote a community where survivors of domestic and sexual violence may achieve personal autonomy. Give today to ensure survivors of violence in Lake County have a safe place to turn to in their time of need!
  • Cloud City Conservation Center (C4)
    In Leadville and Lake County, we take pride in our mountains and lakes. We are a small mountain community who values the natural environment we call home. We want to live in a sustainable manner so that we may pass on what we have here to future generations. Healthy Planet, Healthy People.
  • Lake County Community Fund
    Our goal - to build a more stable community and break Leadville's boom and bust cycle once and for all - means we need to establish a foundation that will last far into the future. Please make a donation today, and invest in a more stable future for this extraordinary community!
  • Full Circle of Lake County Inc.
    Full Circle is the only comprehensive youth and family services agency in Lake County. We provide direct services to the most at-risk youth and families in our community. Leadville and Lake County, CO are rural communities with many commuters.

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