Some nonprofits in our community
  • Cloud City Conservation Center (C4)
    In Leadville and Lake County, we take pride in our mountains and lakes. We are a small mountain community who values the natural environment we call home. We want to live in a sustainable manner so that we may pass on what we have here to future generations. Healthy Planet, Healthy People.
  • Lake County Community Fund
    Our goal - to build a more stable community and break Leadville's boom and bust cycle once and for all - means we need to establish a foundation that will last far into the future. Please make a donation today, and invest in a more stable future for this extraordinary community!
  • Advocates of Lake County
    Your support allows us to provide trauma-informed services and promote a community where survivors of domestic and sexual violence may achieve personal autonomy. Give today to ensure survivors of violence in Lake County have a safe place to turn to in their time of need!
  • St. Vincent Hospital Foundation
    The new St. Vincent Health will open in 2021, and will directly improve access to healthcare in rural Leadville and Lake County, Colo. St. Vincent Hospital Foundation is raising funds for new state-of-the-art imaging and surgical equipment, which will enable the reopening of a local surgical suite.

Lake County Gives

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