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Ethnic/Racial Minorities
Immigrants, Newcomers, Refuges
Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender
Poor, Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent
Young Adults (20-25 years)


LSYWC created a 5-pronged pipeline approach focused on the college years: Community; Exposure; Support & Oversight; Skill Building; &, most important, Mentoring. LSYWC assigns a minimum of 3 volunteer mentors to each Fellow-a senior & midlevel attorney, a law student, & a local mentor if the Fellow attends college out-of-state. The Mentor Teams guide Fellows through college with the goal of helping them earn admission to the law school of their choice. Through skill-building workshops and exposure programs, LSYWC demystifies the law school application process, provides access to a premium LSAT preparation course, & helps Fellows develop the skills, social capital, & knowledge they will need to succeed in college & gain admission to law school. Simultaneously, a community committed to them & diversity builds around the Fellows.


Evidence of Program's Success

About 98% of our Fellows graduate from college. Two of the Fellows from our first-ever graduating class have just begun their first year of law school.

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