Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

Join us! Your support will have a direct impact on Colorado's anti-trafficking movement, ensuring that this egregious crime is being fought comprehensively across our state.

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General Information

Official Name
Laboratory To Combat Human Trafficking​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Former Name(s)
(2009)Polaris Project Colorado
Date Established
Offers Additional Colorado State Tax Credit
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1031 33rd Street
Suite 237
Denver, CO 80205
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1031 33rd Street
Suite 237
Denver, CO 80205
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Mission Statement

Vision: The end of human trafficking.

Mission: To inform social change that eliminates human exploitation.

Organization History

In 2005, our organization formed as a state chapter of the Polaris Project, a nationally recognized anti-human trafficking organization. In 2009, in order to establish our work at the forefront of Colorado's anti-trafficking movement, we transitioned to an independent 501(c)3 called the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking (LCHT). We believed that social change - collaborative, community-led, bottom-up solutions - was the pathway to eliminating human exploitation. At the time, anti-trafficking efforts in Colorado were uncoordinated and isolated, however, in the years since, our programs have become critical to supporting the people and communities who are impacted by the human trafficking in Colorado, as well as coordinating the individuals and organizations serving survivors and working to eliminate trafficking.

We now focus our work in multiple areas including research to inform coordinated state-wide anti-trafficking efforts, training of personnel in positions to detect and/or serve victims of trafficking, education to raise public awareness, oversight of Colorado's human trafficking hotline, and development of future leaders in human rights fields. Since 2005, we have provided anti-trafficking training to over 30,000 professionals and community members; conducted four major research projects to drive action and inform policy change; assumed leadership of the statewide 24/7 human trafficking hotline and grown the resource directory to 300 agencies; and supported 150 interns as future human rights leaders.


"I served alongside of the change agents (staff, interns, board) at the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking over the summer as their Community Engagement intern. My experience at LCHT far surpassed my expectations. Their commitment to creating and reinforcing just systems is evidenced through their holistic, big picture, approach to social change. The LCHT team understands the connection between compassion, knowledge, grassroots actions and comprehensive research. LCHT understands each member of their broader community as being a valuable asset with lived experience that they transform into applied knowledge that can be used as a tool to end human trafficking. My connection to the LCHT family will not end after my internship, because I am impressed by, and share, their values, commitment to feminist ethics, holistic actions, and comprehensive and inclusionary practices." -H. Brydie HarrisMaster of Arts in Social Justice and Ethics, '17Iliff School of Theology

"LCHT is an outstanding organization that upholds the best ideals of non-profit stewardship and service - meaningful, intentional, data-driven, and outcome-oriented investment in the local community and the development of replicable models that hope to end the scourge of human trafficking not just in Colorado, but everywhere it exists. I am honored to be part of this organization, and its on-the-ground, in-the-trenches work to combat this crime and support survivors could not be more necessary at this moment in history. This is, truly, a Great Nonprofit." -Amanda Gall, LCHT Board Member

"As a health care professional I have experienced LCHT in their role of community and professional education and awareness raising. The highly professional staff is passionate about the work and dedicated to affecting change across all arenas in Colorado. They have the language to address this issue among community members, legislators, professionals and law enforcement. The work they do is beyond compare." Health Professional, Denver

"It's the staff, interns, and volunteers that make LCHT the exceptional anti-human trafficking organization that it is today. This group is smart, mission-focused, research- and community-oriented and is making an impact in ending human trafficking. Our world will look different - better! - because of the work of LCHT." -Marianna Divietro

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