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Thank you for donating and making a difference on behalf of 98.5 KYGO and Second Wind Fund Youth Suicide Prevention!

Please join us in supporting Second Wind Fund, an organization devoted to decreasing the incidence of suicide in children and youth by removing financial and social barriers to treatment.

Suicide is currently the leading cause of death for youth in Colorado. Financial barriers are commonly cited as factors associated with lack of access to mental health treatment. It is an unfortunate reality that while mental health resources remain scarce, rates of anxiety, feelings of disconnectedness and depression have increased among youth as a result of the pandemic and other factors.

Second Wind Fund believes that every child and youth at risk for suicide should have access to the mental health treatment they need. They match children and youth at risk for suicide with licensed therapists in their communities. If a financial or social barrier to treatment is present, they pay for up to 12 sessions of therapy from one of their specialized network providers. Their unique program helps referred youth discover hope and healing in their lives.

Consider making a contribution of any amount to support Second Wind Fund. Thank you!

Help us provide access to life-saving mental health treatment for youth at risk for suicide
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Created April 22, 2021
Second Wind Fund
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