The Junior League of Fort Collins

JLFC creates opportunities for women & children to thrive! Our programs are dedicated to eliminating childhood hunger, helping end diaper insufficiency, and supporting women on their path to self-sufficiency. Our ability to successfully raise funds directly impacts the women and children in NOCO.

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Junior League Career Closet


Human Services 


Female Adults
Female Young Adults (20 - 25 years)
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged
Single Parents


The Junior League Career Closet, the signature project of the Junior League of Fort Collins, has been crafted to respond to the needs faced by women who are struggling to overcome barriers to economic independence.

The Career Closet partners with referring agencies and not-for-profit groups that work with women whose goal is to attain self-sufficiency.

The Career Closet serves over 300 women annually in Northern Colorado, providing an hour-long personalized shopping experience for professional attire, at no cost to our clients.


Evidence of Program's Success

"The Career Closet has been a wonderful resource for my clients and often a fun adventure as well. The well-appointed shop has the style of a high end boutique so it feels like shopping when in fact the merchandise is free. I have seen a struggling woman go in to find a new woman walking who has style, grace, poise and confidence. Many people on the TANF Program (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) have lost most or all possessions, some are homeless and barely able to stay clean much less have clothes for work or interviews and many women have been so wrapped up in children, survival, crisis, and abuse that they don't know who they are and maybe never did. Some of their identity can be regained or discovered in those racks of lovingly donated gorgeous clothes. All women know that the trip to the hairstylist is more than just hair...its therapy. Like the hair salon, the women who help our customers put together their new look do more than coordinate clothes. They help women rise to an altogether new feeling of worth. And this includes every size woman as well. A concerted effort is made to accommodate women of all sizes, styles and needs. Leaving the closet with an armful of outfits, scarves, shoes, a purse, maybe a watch and earrings, the customer is ready to embody the empowered woman who can get that job and does it well! I will never be able to shower enough thanks on the Junior League of Fort Collins for stepping up to the challenges posed by owning adequate work clothing and having such warmth, grace and determination. We, as a community, are blessed by this jewel of style and fashion for every woman in need of a great wardrobe for work. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to give back to you,
Susan" - Susan Crowe, Larimer County Workforce Center

"The Career Closet is an excellent resource to help women achieve their educational and professional goals. This valuable service gives women the chance to dress for success, and put their best foot forward for job interviews, scholarship hearings and more. I have referred many Project Self-Sufficiency participants and applicants to the Career Closet for milestone moments such as these. This is an incredible resource, and a tremendous benefit to our community. Project Self-Sufficiency is honored to work with the Career Closet and the Junior League of Fort Collins." - Kelly Robenhagen, Administrative Assistant, Project Self-Sufficiency

"I am an Employment Specialist with Larimer County Community Corrections, Women's Program. The Closet has been a major community resource for our clients. The interview clothing provided and support for our clients has provided the necessary clothing, confidence boost and acceptance and empowerment our women need to prepare for the workforce and management of their lives. Employment is very important to the long term success and transition of our clients. The volunteers and staff of the Junior League provide a positive model for communication, business form and community involvement that assists not just the women but their entire families as the women move forward to bring about personal change and growth, increased responsibility in their decisions and lives possible. Thank you for your love and efforts to those in our community." - Diane Castellanos, Employment Specialist, Larimer County Community Corrections

"The Junior League Career Closet is a vital service for working women in the community. After my clients come back from visiting the Career Closet, there is an increase in their self-esteem and self-confidence. Having one-on-one consultations allows for privacy and support as they receive assistance in putting together appropriate and flattering work attire. They are able to better perform and focus in job interviews and in first day of work situations. My clients, and I, are always appreciative of the supportive staff and unique services of the Career Closet. " - Jackie Torres, Larimer County Workforce Center

Junior League of Fort Collins Hunger Initiative


Food, Agriculture & Nutrition 


Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.)
Children and Youth (infants - 19 years)
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged


• Started in fall 2006 as a collaboration with the Poudre School District (PSD) to deliver healthy snacks to needy children attending afterschool enrichment programs at 5 local elementary schools.
• Participating schools had 50% or more of their students eligible for free/reduced breakfast and lunch.
• Program expanded in 2008 to include snacks for State-mandated testing.
• Alternative Community secondary school (100% of students qualifying) added in Spring 2104
• Program delivered as many as 16,000 snacks in a single school year.
• Fall 2014 - started researching children's food needs in Larimer County public schools and began reconnecting with the Food Bank for Larimer County.
• Spring 2015 - officially began working with the Food Bank to assist current schools and to develop a plan for extending the food program to all three school districts served by the Food Bank (PSD, Park, and Thompson Valley).
• Membership vote held in April, 2015 to officially partner with the Food Bank and the "KidsLink" program, while changing the program name from PSD Snack Program to the Junior League of Fort Collins Hunger Initiative.
• To qualify for Kids Link, schools must have 50 percent or more of their students qualify for free and reduced-cost meals. The Food Bank has 21 eligible schools throughout Larimer County, and they needed help. The solution was clear: They had the school connections and the food; JLFC could raise funds and had the volunteers to deliver the snacks. It was a perfect match. Our first school year of the JLFC Hunger Initiative/Kids Link partnership was completed in May, 2016. Together, we provided more than 135,000 snacks to children in Larimer County, as well as supported three small community programs that were part of the Kids Link program. In 2016-2017, the Hunger Initiative provided 156,000 snacks to these schools - in addition to serving the three community programs. A total of 7100 students and young adults are served by these programs. We are able to provide more than 10 times the amount of food than we had provided for the PSD Snack program, for the same amount of money we had spent in previous years. Schools use the snacks for: special needs during the school day; supplemental nutrition during State-mandated testing; after-school programs; and for students who cannot get food once they leave school.
Junior League provides volunteers to make all of the deliveries and also works with the community to seek funding sources to underwrite this program. The "Hunger Initiative" serves kindergarten through 12th grade students attending schools where food support is a big concern. Every $1 of funding support provides $5 worth of food, which represents a substantial return on the investment that is made.
• Creates the potential for additional partnerships with non-profits that are providing weekend food "backpacks" for students/families with food secure issues.


Evidence of Program's Success

When a child comes to school hungry, they can be in for a struggle. It's hard to listen, it's hard to concentrate, it's hard to sit still.
Hungry children have lower math scores, are more likely to repeat a grade in elementary school and may have behavioral problems.
To help these children, the Food Bank for Larimer County is excited to be in partnership with the Junior League of Fort Collins. Every month of the school year, a supply of packaged snacks is delivered to qualifying schools in Larimer County. So when teachers and counselors observe signs of hunger in the classroom, they have snacks to offer.
Kids need proper nutrition to get the most out of their school day. The Junior League and the Food Bank are working to give those at risk a better chance.

Elizabeth Donovan, MS RD
Programs Manager, Food Bank for Larimer County

"Thank you for including Beattie Elementary School in your list of schools who receive snacks for children. We are a small community school and as such really appreciate any community support we can get. I run an after school tennis program and after school running club. These are both free programs for students. After a long day behind a desk, the children look forward to some active social time and after an hour of that they are looking for a snack! What I appreciate most about the snacks is that I am able to make special requests for fresh food like apples, oranges and cheese sticks. It takes a whole community to keep our children safe and healthy and we at Beattie are so thankful to be a part of the Junior League Snack Program." - Michelle Mueller, K-5 PE teacher, Beattie Elementary

"Beattie's Sunshine Singers LOVE the fresh fruit provided by the Poudre School District Snack Program. Our choir welcomes any interested 4th & 5th grade student and we meet once a week afterschool. As a mother and teacher, I appreciate the snacks are nutritious and delicious. The students rave about the apples provided. Everyone in the choir is grateful for the snacks and appreciative of the support from the Junior League Snack Program." - Susie McCollum, K-5 Music Teacher, Beattie Elementary

"The Junior League Snack Program makes a difference for Poudre School District students who receive snacks through their program. In fact, in 2014-15 they provided more than 15,500 snacks for students. These snacks help students focus on the task at hand, rather than allow hunger to be a distraction. We greatly appreciate the continued dedication and support of the Junior League. Their warm hearts and giving souls help keep our children nourished and focused. Thank you Junior League! " - Jody Margheim, Poudre School District Partnership & Volunteer Coordinator

On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 10:31 AM, Devoe, Sabine - BEA wrote:
Hello Sonia,

I just thought I would touch base regarding snacks for the upcoming months, assuming that Junior League is still willing to provide them to usJ


Get-Up-And Go 4 x 60= 240 snacks

Learning Together 4 x 25 = 100 snacks

Literacy 1 x 60 = 60 snacks

Total for January 400 snacks/ of those, if possible, could we have 150 in fruit


Get-Up-and-Go 4 x 60 = 240 snacks

Learning Together 4 x 25 = 100 snacks

Literacy 1 x 60 = 60 snacks

Music/Band 30 x 4= 120 snacks

Total for February 520 snacks/ of those could we have 240 in fruit

We realize that fruit will probably not keep for 2 months, so we will , as always, be thrilled with whatever you provide us. And we certainly don't need February snacks until February.
I just thought that I would include February numbers to give you a heads up!!

Sonia, I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!!

We thank you and the Junior League for all that you doJ

Sabine K. DeVoe
Office Manager
Beattie Elementary
3000 Meadowlark Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Phone 970-488-4229
Fax 970-488-4227

From: Sonia ImMasche []
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 11:12 AM
To: Devoe, Sabine - BEA
Subject: Re: Snacks for Beattie from Junior League

Hi Sabine.

I have been thinking of you and have been meaning to email all month. I am so sorry I have not kept in touch.

Obviously, you do not need anything for the remainder of December (last day on Friday - hurray!). Junior League and I most certainly are going to take care of you all year. I am near Beattie many times during the week, so dropping off fresh fruit, snacks, and anything else usually will not be a problem.

It is my understanding that classes resume January 6th. Is that correct? I will get those snacks together and to you in time for the start of school.

Sabine - I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season, top!!! Chanukah starts tonight for me, so I am getting ready for a small celebration tonight with my son and his sweetheart.

Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you!

See you "next year" (that always seems so strange!).


• Thanks so much for all your help this year! Here is what some folks are saying about the program:

• Thank you so much for all of your amazing help this year; we truly appreciate you feeding our kiddos!

• Our school would like to thank the Junior League and its contributors for the wonderful snacks they have provided for our school. The students are so appreciative when they get one. We have students who are not fortunate enough to have breakfast every morning and come to school hungry. The snacks help fill their tummies and are able to focus on learning. Our thanks go out to the community for supporting the students, the future leaders of our country. Thanks for all that you do to support the students.

• We are overjoyed with all the snacks we have been receiving this year, it has been amazing. Students are able to function so much better with food in their tummies and now they know they can count on having a snack even when they didn't bring one from home!
• Thank you!
• Garfield Elementary Staff and Students

• Let me also take a moment to say how incredibly grateful I am for the support we have received from the food bank community and the Junior League.
• The kids and staff at Van Buren Elementary school appreciate your support this year. It has made a huge difference for our teachers not to have to buy snacks with their own funds, and kids are able to request a snack when hunger makes it hard to learn. We cannot tell you enough how much help you have been to our school.
• Thank you so much,
Amanda Woods
• President, Van Buren PTU.

We have received several hundred letters from children who have been in this program; most include pictures and colored drawings. We've uploaded several examples to our "Manage Documents" tab.



Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking 


General Public


Done-in-a-Day is a program that allows JLFC to organize and complete community service projects in one day. Projects have included Make a Difference Day, Hope Lives Breast Cancer Gala, Habitat for Humanity, "Treatsylvania", assisting the Public Library, volunteering at the Gardens on Spring Creek, volunteering at the Book Trust fund raisers, and working at the Larimer County Food Bank. Projects are no-cost or low cost, but do require our volunteer time and energy.


Evidence of Program's Success

The Junior League of Ft.Collins contacted The Nappie Project and informed us we had been selected as a recipient of their DIAD [Done In A Day] program. The League had learned about us through an article in the Ft.Collins paper and their support of our new non-profit program was both a surprise and totally wonderful! Not only did the members collect diapers for our Partner Agencies to distribute to low-income and poverty level children and familes, but several members asked if they could participate in one of our "Wrap Sessions". They came, delivered a carload of diapers and stayed to wrap hundreds of bundles of diapers for our program. This full support was so appreciated! We are very grateful to the Junior League of Ft. Collins for recognizing the significant impact of Diaper Need on families' physical, emotional and financial health and helping The Nappie Project surpass our first year's goal of 50,000 diapers--"Helping Little Behinds get a Little Ahead".

- Jan Touslee; The Nappie Project

Imagination Series (JLFC Arts Initiative)


Arts, Culture & Humanities 


Children birth to age 3
Children Only (5 - 14 years)
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged
Single Parents


Since 1981, JLFC has been a sponsor of the Lincoln Center Imagination Series, which introduces local, underprivileged children (ages 3 to 10) to a variety of quality performances. JLFC volunteers serve on the Imagination Series Board and assist the Lincoln Center in selecting and marketing quality programs for children. In addition, JLFC donates 1050 tickets each year to local nonprofit agencies that work with children.


Evidence of Program's Success

"For close to a decade, the Junior League has enabled students in Poudre School District who would not otherwise have had the chance to experience the pleasure of live theater performances offered through the Imagination Series at the Lincoln Center. Each season, the Junior League has provided ticket vouchers to the Title I department of Poudre School District. Title I serves schools in the district with the highest percentages of poverty, and Title I staff distributes tickets to families with whom they work. We truly appreciate the gift they continue to give to our families." - Susan M. Lind, Title I Program Specialist, Poudre School District

"Our participants absolutely love attending the Imagination Series events. I often hear from our participants that being able to attend these performances provides them with a much-needed release from the demands that they juggle on a daily basis. Attending school while holding down a job and caring for one (or more) children can be very draining on a person. The events offered by Junior League allow our participants to simply enjoy themselves for an evening while spending quality time with their young ones." Jason Johnson, Project Self-Sufficiency

"The Foster and Adoptive Families of Larimer County have been very fortunate to be a recipient of guest tickets to events at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins. Our organization is allotted 40 tickets and we never have a problem distributing them. Many of our families are very large therefore taking them all out to an event is a challenge financially so the tickets are welcomed. The variety of performances is always exciting so the children get an exposure to all types of entertainment. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of the Junior League's ticket disbursement program." - Cindy Buckardt, Treasurer, FAFLC

Additional testimonials are included in the "Manage Documents" tab.

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