JJ's Helping Paws, Inc.

We improve the lives of at-risk cats and dogs through our low cost spay/neuter voucher program for pet cats and dogs, our TNR (trap/neuter/return) program serves the feral cat community, the Uber Kitty Transfer program, and our Feral Food Bank and Pet Pantry.

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JJ's Helping Paws, Inc.​​​​​​​
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1299 S. Papago Dr.
Pueblo West, CO 81007
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1501 Main St., #3
Canon City, CO 81212
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1501 Main St., #3
Canon City, CO 81215
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607 Dalmatian Dr.,
Canon City, CO 81212
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Mission Statement

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to improve the lives of cats and dogs in Fremont County by working to reduce unwanted litters, educating pet owners about responsible ownership, and helping mitigate the cost of spay and neuter services.

Organization History

Starting in 2014, JJ's Helping Paws is a 501(c)3, all-volunteer organization operating in Fremont County, CO. The organization administers programs locally and works with 18 animal rescues and humane societies in Colorado.

JJ's Helping Paws was formed in memory of Jeri (JJ) McGuire. Today - and every day - we honor JJ in all that we do to continue her vision and dedication for the cats, dogs, and pet owners of Fremont County.

Our IRS exemption letter is dated 11/3/14. We have filed a 990-N for years 2014, 2015 and 2016. We have filed Form 990EZ for year 2017 as our revenues exceeded $50,000 for the first time. We have been committed to help animals in Fremont County since 2014.


My daughter and I have been privileged over the past few years to have worked with JJ's Helping Paws. Despite the fact that our personal resources are limited because of a family illness, JJ's voucher program allowed us to adopt and neuter two irresistible feral kittens, both of whom are now beautiful grown house cats and important additions to our family. With vouchers, trap and return and continued support, we have also been able to neuter an entire colony as well as a small group in another area. Also through JJ's contacts, a number of these animals were adopted into excellent situations. The remaining members of the colony are now our backyard residents--a formidable, valued fortress against field mice.

We feel a sense of pride in working with the volunteers who maintain JJ's Helping Paws. In our experience, they reflect a tireless dedication, compassionate knowledge and a deep sense of commitment. We're looking forward to being able to continue offering our energies in whatever way possible.
Apryll and Chloe Kristy

I have a group of barn/feral cats. They needed to be spayed/neutered. Through JJ's Helping Paws' trap,neuter, and return program, I was able to have nearly all of my group spayed/neutered (I'm still working to get the last few trapped). JJ's was even able to re-home several of the barn cats that could be handled. I also found a litter of three abandoned kittens that I chose to keep. Through JJ's Helping Paws' programs, I was able to spay/neuter 28 barn cats, find homes for 10 barn cats, and save, spay/neuter three kittens.
Patricia Adams from Penrose, CO

My neighbor passed away and one of his relatives ran all of his house cats outside. With JJ's help, I was able to trap all of them and through their low cost spay/neuter program, got all of them fixed. Without JJ's help, I would have struggled to pay for four spay/neuter procedures at one time. I found homes for the kittens and made the adults part of my family. I never forgot JJ's helping hand so after I retired , I became a JJ's volunteer. I work with the voucher program and have heard similar stories over and over -- people on fixed incomes reaching out to help a stray or a litter of kittens. Most people want to help, but just can't afford the cost of vaccinations or spay/neuter. Thanks to JJ's, they have a place to go for help.
Cindy Pottenger from Canon City, CO

I'm new to Fremont County and when I learned of JJ's Helping Paws, I planned to make a donation. I was so impressed with what I learned about JJ's. Their small team of volunteers works tirelessly at all hours of the day and night to rescue , spay/neuter and find homes for cats and kittens who would otherwise have a dismal future. I not only donated more than originally planned, I also became a volunteer. I am proud to volunteer alongside so many dedicated and compassionate people who make a real difference in the lives of animals every single day!
Robin Kasman, Canon City, CO

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