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Ascend Performing Arts

 Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble - season cancelled.
 Blue Knights Winds - season cancelled.
 Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps - DCI Summer Tour season cancelled.
 Drums Along the Rockies and Corps Encore - cancelled.
 Bingo Games - cancelled.

Events we could never imagine, until it became real. This was a devastating blow to our members AND to the financial stability of Ascend Performing Arts. All major funding sources such as Drums Along the Rockies, performance fees, and Bingo games have been canceled or suspended.

The response to this global health crisis is unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world for every one of us. While we recognize the hard work and preparation already put into this summer by our members and staff, we have made a commitment to our members, staff, alumni, fans, and supporters to prioritize their health & safety first.


However, this decision has a major financial impact on the Blue Knights' three ensembles, Ascend Performing Arts' show events, and educational clinics. We do not have the resources to absorb the costs of canceling the summer, without your support! We are working diligently to come back stronger in 2021 and are asking our Blue Knights Alumni, Family, and Supporters for help.

Help Blue Knights Ensembles MARCH ON!
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