Highline Academy

We equip our scholars with an emphasis on academic success, character development, and diversity awareness. Our students are trained for leadership and critical thinking. We need your support to further our mission: create an equitable community striving together for inclusive academic excellence.

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Mission Statement

Highline Academy Charter Schools exist to foster a diverse and equitable community of youth and adults striving together for academic, personal, and civic excellence.

Organization History

Highline Academy was started in 2003 by a group of parents and community members in Southeast Denver. It offered educational excellence in a supportive, diverse community of learners and was in high demand from inception. In 2009 Highline achieved distinguished (blue) status as a highly successful Denver Public School. In 2014 Highline launched it's second campus in Green Valley Ranch. Both of our schools have a diverse student population and a strong academic program. We offer rigorous instruction within a culture of support for all students and in collaboration with families.

Students are randomly selected through the DPS choice process; there are no admissions criteria. Additional information about Highline Academy is available at


"Highline Academy has a notable reputation within the community and it serves as a prime example of how ingenuity and dedication can help improve educational outcomes."
Michael B. Hancock, Denver Mayor

"At Highline we have educators that don't believe in "I can't," "I don't know how," and "I'm not good enough" for themselves or for their students. We have educators that stay at work late or come in early. And we have many that are found in the building on a Saturday or Sunday just so they are fully prepared. I have seen educators at Highline give up their lunch times, day in and day out, in order to tutor, provide emotional guidance, enforce a consequence, or attend a parent meeting. Not one day goes by without multiple educators putting their students' needs first, not because they have to, but because they want what is best for all of our students. Highline teachers will do almost anything in order to help a child learn. " Tara Whalen, parent of 3 Highline graduates and current 5th grade teacher

"Diversity - celebrating it, embracing it and acknowledging it - is the cornerstone of the Highline Academy experience and that was very important to our family. We've appreciated the individual attention that our child has received and what has felt like a sincere effort to meet his unique needs and gifts. We've also appreciated seeing a genuine concern for cultivating his well being and academic, emotional and developmental success. If you want a one-size-fits-all educational experience for your child, this is NOT the place for you!" - Chandra Whitfield, Highline Academy Northeast parent since 2016

"What our daughter loves about Highline is that it is a very personalized environment for her. She has the ability to develop strong relationships with all of her teachers and the staff, and the diverse curriculum allows her to build skills and her knowledge base that will help her later in life." Drew Kent, Highline parent since 2015 and Board member

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