Happy Cats Haven

Felines are our focus at Happy Cats. We rescue the full spectrum of cats, and don't neglect harder-to-place adults, seniors & special needs. We give everyone the best health care and the most positive experience possible so they return to the loving, adoptable cats they were before becoming homeless

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General Information

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Happy Cats Haven Inc​​​​​​​
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327 Manitou Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
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Mission Statement

At Happy Cats Haven, we rescue homeless Colorado cats and kittens and find them loving new homes. Our vision is to make life better for all cats through adoptions and education. We believe that cats are valuable, lovable and trainable, not disposable.

At Happy Cats Haven, no healthy or treatable cat is euthanized. Our Live Release Rate is 98%, which means we meet the definition of a No-Kill organization and exceed that of Socially Conscious Sheltering.

Organization History

Cats in shelters are traumatized cats. Research shows that even cat experts can't tell the difference between feral and domestic cats in their first few days at a shelter. This makes cats especially vulnerable in shelters. Happy Cats Haven was started to address this trauma, which can make even the friendliest cat unadoptable.

Since 2011, we have been committed to creating a safe place where homeless cats and kittens can recover from that trauma to become adoptable again. Our comfortable shelter is based on the Five Freedoms, which guarantee an animal the ability to express normal behavior in a safe, low-stress environment. 

With that goal, we are as cage-free as possible, housing our cats in home-like group rooms called colonies, where we can take the time to learn their personalities, petting, play and scratching preferences.

Cats often make good friends with other cats here, so we nurture those friendships and try to find homes where they can be adopted together. At Happy Cats, the cats' true personalities shine through, making for a better lifetime match with their adopters.


This organization has made such a great impression! They help kitties of all ages and needs find happy homes. I adopted a 9yo male last February (Chandler, now Rillo) and I am so in love with this special dude! I wanted an older kitty because I know they have a harder time getting adopted and I also had a 18yo kitty at home already. The staff told us what to expect with Rillo, what his diet and medical needs were, and gave us all the info his previous care taker had collected over his years of past vet visits. They also called within the first week or two to check in with us and see how we were all adjusting. I know that I will come back to this organization for the rest of my days! - Kay O'Donnell

We got our Yule now Goose from Happy Cats just under a year ago and he is our world! They took the time to listen to us and advise us on the right cat for our family, proper intros, etc. We love Goose so much! The staff is wonderful and so helpful! If we ever want another cat, we will go back to Happy Cats! - Heather Bannister

Dedicated, knowledgeable staff and volunteers. Welcoming environment when you visit the shelter. Cats that are healthy and socialized greet you at the second door going inside because they can free roam under the watchful eyes of the volunteers and staff. Your questions are treated with respect and you are never talked down to. Everyone is very gracious. Cats are very well cared for here. - Linda Compton

If you've ever been to any other shelters, you know that they can be bleak places. Happy Cats is not like that at all! It's a small but beautiful facility where cats are kept in clean rooms with cat walks and plenty of hiding places. The staff and volunteers there are friendly and knowledgeable and vet potential adoptive pet parents very thoroughly. You can tell they are committed to finding homes for special needs and older cats and matching each kitty with the perfect family. Plus, they do follow-up visits to make sure cats are meshing in their new families and have professionals who can assist with behavioral issues. - Tarah

I don't know what took us so long to become cat people. We are in love with Snickers and he fits right in with the rhythm of our house. My daughter previously said she is not a cat person, but he practically lives in her arms/lap. He and the puppy are best buds and play constantly.

We figured out you don't have to be "dog" people or "cat" people…there's plenty of love to go around for all of them. You guys did great matching Snickers with our family. I think he is a truly Happy Cat and we love him. - Paul Lecky

I am so glad we found Happy Cats Haven. Your approach to adoption is so much better that what I have experienced in the past. Since you have such a great environment and get to know the cats in your care, you were able to provide us with the insight needed to help us select the right kitten for our family. I believe that his low-stress start to life helped make Kipling the awesome cat he's growing into. - Rebecca Marshall

I am very, very impressed with Happy Cats Haven. Have taken 3 awesome classes there and highly recommend them. So far one of my friends has adopted there and another attended Kitten Kindergarten. Just imagine getting a cat who is already well trained and your perfect match! - Kitty Morel

While I can only assume the kittens are happy here, I know I'M far happier than I would have been without them. They make me laugh and bring so much love and happiness to this apartment that I can't imagine life any other way. - Megan Quintana

Every day, we tell each other how fortunate we are to have ended up with two such loving
and smart cats. Thank you! - Tyler and Jessica Stuart

I know we do this to save these wonderful little lives, and that's why I started Fostering. I just love having a houseful of felines! My house doesn't stink and my furniture is not ruined and they all use the litter. They just love my two cats and are very interested in Mom's Boston Terrier. Did I forget any other 'myths' that I can bust? LOL! Thank you Happy Cats Haven for giving me the blessing of having these cats even for a short time! - Liana Miller LaCroix

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