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Healing Warriors Program

What we need

Our costs for PPE supplies at the clinic have increased by $398/week from pre-Covid. These are funds that are redirected away from delivering much-needed care. Funds raised for this campaign will help us with Covid sanitation and PPE supplies so that we can direct more focus to direct care that is so desperately needed.

Our Programs

In addition to our Non-Narcotic Pain management, we also offer the Sleep series to assist with increasing sleep cycles, the Interpersonal Trauma series, to assist with sexual and childhood trauma. We have had significant results with this program, so much so that psychotherapists working with these clients have reached out to us to commend our team for excellent work and for the partnership on the care plan. One of our mutual clients who was a victim of sexual assault and was homeless and severely detached, has had a tremendous breakthrough and is on the road to recovery - no longer homeless.

The 60+ Wellness and Preventive care is our newest program to roll out. The goal is to 1) alleviate pain reducing the need for strong pain medication protocols which increase fall risk, 2) treatment for neuropathy, also to decrease fall risk, and 3) 12 treatment series for pain, cognition and balance utilizing acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. 4) one on one consult with Client Care Navigator to assist with resource gaps, i.e. handicap modifications, food insecurity, and 5) information and tools to assist with minimizing fall risks.

Environment of Need

The Colorado veteran suicide rate is 42.9/100k while the national suicide rate is 17.5/100k (2016 data sheet). Our state is high-risk for veteran suicides. Some of the factors increasing the veteran suicide risk include Post Traumatic Stress (severe anxiety), sleeplessness and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). COVID-19 has had a heavy impact to our already compromised veteran population with escalating suicide rates due to increased PTS, isolation and reduction in medical services. Because of the risk to our client base, HWP immediately transitioned to a telehealth model in March 2020 as closures were initiating. Our telehealth model provided a two-fold approach including wellness telephone calls to each client that we had seen in the past 6 months, checking on the wellbeing of the client and their family. The calls were made by team members with medical training.
All clients were offered telehealth sessions consisting of 30-45 minutes of one-on-one care with practitioners. Those veterans who opted out of telehealth were kept on the wellness callback list and contacted again the following week for a mental health check in. Those veterans for whom we had concerns were placed on our alert list for call back and we sent a "comfort care package" since some did not have adequate food or care. We provided oatmeal, applesauce, protein bars, electrolytes, hand soap, sanitizer, masks, gloves, epsom salts and a letter from a school child. The impact these care packages made to our isolated and high risk veterans was huge. We received several tearful calls thanking us for sending the letters from the children thanking them for their service. One Vietnam combat veteran wrote to tell us that the note he received from a child had glitter sticker stars all over it and on the inside it read, "Of all the stars in the sky, yours is the brightest." This 75+ year old veteran told us he cried when he read the note. We are back in the clinic since May providing direct services, alleviating pain, sleep issues, anxiety - and most of all, connecting person to person for health and wellness.

Costs for Covid sanitation and PPE have increased by $398/week, diverting funds from much-needed treatment. Your support directly helps our service members.
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