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Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Inc.

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue's mission is to rescue, foster, rehabilitate and adopt abused, neglected and unwanted Golden Retrievers and golden like dogs to permanent, prescreened quality homes. GRFR is a 100% volunteer organization run by a dedicated team who rescues hundreds of dogs every year

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Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue Inc​​​​​​​
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PO Box 103130
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Mission Statement

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue's (GRFR) mission is to rescue, foster, rehabilitate and adopt abused, neglected and unwanted Golden Retrievers and golden like dogs to permanent, prescreened quality homes. All of the organizations activities are designed to meet that mission.

Organization History

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue was founded in 2001 by three women that had a passion for saving Goldens and placing them into new loving homes. They had a passion to help reduce the number of dogs euthanized in shelters. The first year, 21 dogs were saved. The second year, it went up to 78 dogs and the year after was 98 dogs. When we started, we thought we would never make it over 100 dogs a year. As of 2021, GRFR has saved nearly 4,000 Goldens, Labradors, and retriever mixes.

Our volunteer base has grown to over 250 amazing volunteers that work tirelessly to help us save as many dogs as possible. They open their homes and hearts to the abused, abandoned or neglected dog that has little or no history coming into us and provided that dog with love, security, training and hope. They screen our potential adopters, attend various fundraising and public relations events, and keep our financial records, maintain our website, and write our quarterly newsletter.


Louie (formerly Goldie) is doing fabulously. He knows and responds to his "forever" name, loves to be with us, preferably in the same room. He is affectionate, gentle, and seems to be well-trained. He is now finally much less skittish, but loud noises (not thunder, however) make him flinch. He reminds us of when his dinner is due, which is a big thing. For the first few weeks he wouldn't eat, or ate very little and suspect having regular meals and food he doesn't have to fight over, is a very new thing. He still doesn't know what play is, and stares at us when we throw a ball, and at the dog park he goes from person to person to get affection (that is certainly a Golden trait). My husband will send a photo when he gets home. We are so very Grateful to GRFR for our sweet, affectionate, smart and handsome new addition.

'Ike' is now our sweet Jake. He is GREAT. He is such a good guy and we love him to bits. He has been a great match for us. He has settled in really well and we almost can't remember life without him. He is smart and affectionate and gets on really well with other dogs and visitors of all age . He valiantly tries to get at squirrels, rabbits and geese in our back yard and on walks, thinks the vacuum is a foreigner invading his territory :) , LOVES the snow and cuddles like a puppy (doesn't know he's NOT puppy size)

He really is a wonderful guy and we are enjoying him so much. Thank you to all all the staff and volunteers at GRFR! You have all been tremendous and we appreciate you and all you do for these precious dogs.

Rosey (now Anna) is doing great. She is completely at home here and fits in with our family perfectly. Her temperament is amazing, she and our two-year-old son, Hudson have become fast friends.

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