Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS)

Girls Athletic Leadership Schools of Denver envisions a world where all students, regardless of their background, are given access to a personalized and holistic education that provides them the opportunity to access the skills, knowledge, and self-determination to succeed in college and the world

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Official Name
Girls Athletic Leadership School of Denver​​​​​​​
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GALS Denver
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750 Galapago Street
Denver, CO 80204
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750 Galapago Street
Denver, CO 80204
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Mission Statement

GALS mission is to empower students to succeed academically, live boldly, lead confidently, and thrive physically.

Organization History

In 2007, GALS' founders began the work of conceptualizing a distinct all-girls school. Denver Public School authorized GALS Denver in 2009, as the first public, gender-based school in Colorado. We opened our Middle School doors in 2010, added a High School in 2014, and opened The BOYS School of Denver in 2017, all running our unique model of powerful academics, movement based-learning, and social, emotional, and relational learning. GALS model adds real value to the array of choices available to DPS students and offers students a unique option for pursuing their middle and secondary school educations.

The schools represent a standards-based response to the academic and social, emotional, and relational needs of all students, including many who face real barriers to realizing their full potential. The GALS program promotes the structure necessary to ensure that graduates have the intellectual acumen, critical thinking skills, curiosity, discipline, self-awareness and 21st century leadership skills to achieve success and experience personal and professional fulfillment.


"So incredibly thankful for GALS, especially the teachers and staff. Never before has my daughter experienced such compassionate and qualified teachers. She loves attending school now and feels confident about her abilities!"
8th grade parent

"By the way - yesterday was the first day in a year that little girl has come home happy from school, and she bounced around the house all night and hopped out of bed this morning."
New 6th grade parent

"Just want you to know that for the first time in YEARS, this little girl is coming home saying she loves school. Don't know exactly what the magic is, but I am so thankful."
New 6th grade parent

"I am counting down the years until my two daughters can attend GALS and experience the empowerment, the engagement and the energy that is GALS!"
Future GALS parent

"GALS is developing young women leaders to set goals for themselves and to work hard to achieve those goals whether it be learning math or running the mile. There is great value in the strong work ethic and sense of empowerment the girls learn there. GALS is the educational experience I wish I'd had. I can't help but wonder how much more I could have achieved, how much more confident and healthy I would be as a woman if GALS had been there to shape my growing mind and body the way I see it doing for my daughter."
Former Parent

"It would seem impossible to get an education at a public high school that would be "personalized" to my child's needs. But the GALS staff made the effort to personalize to my daughter's style and needs. We had a great middle school experience. Tess happily and proudly did four years of math in three years of middle school. It was hard work, but she learned to take pride in that. She actually grew frustrated that she had not chosen Advanced Language Arts and is looking to push herself harder in high school. And lets not forget the physical conditioning that has been great for her too. She has learned to push herself both mentally and physically. She is a good kid who probably had these traits in her, but GALS nurtured them and brought them out. Leaping into an untested high school would seem to be a risk, but the GALS model worked so well for us for the last three years that there really was not another choice."
Former Parent

"I came to teach at GALS because I am the father of two daughters. Being here is helping me become a better parent to my own girls, and raise them as powerful, confident and competent young women in the world. And I can bring my experience of being a parent to school. And who needs to belong to a gym, I belong to GALS."
GALS Teacher

"We have been, and remain among your greatest advocates and supporters, in large part because of all of your willingness to focus effort and resources on empowering and educating our girls, however they present themselves on your front doorstep. It's been and remains amazing. Thanks for everyone's efforts and commitment."
8th grade parents

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