Golden Fire Department - Volunteer Firefighter Art Tribute Project
by Golden Civic Foundation
Fundraiser launched on November 09, 2021 by Golden Civic Foundation
In late 2021, the Golden Civic Foundation selected the Tribute Project as the recipient of their Big Ideas in Golden (B.I.G.) Grant. During the November 2021 Gala & Auction, the Golden Civic Foundation effectively kicked off the fundraising campaign by featuring the project as their paddle raise beneficiary and raised an initial $60,000 of the $165,000 needed to complete the project.

The life-sized bronze art piece, created by Colorado sculptor, and retired firefighter, Austin Weishel, will be located at the entrance to the Golden Fire Department's (GFD) Station at 911 10th Street and will celebrate all of those who have served, for nearly 150 years, as volunteers, both past and present. The goal is to complete this project with public and private funding sources by the Fall 2022.

Spearheaded by Captain Tom Young, local hero and 39-year veteran of the Golden Fire Department, along with Golden volunteer firefighters, Tina Gustafson and Ben Moline, this keystone art piece will commemorate the hundreds of volunteer firefighters who have unselfishly volunteered (and are still volunteering) to protect the City of Golden. Since the mid-1800s, community volunteers have risked their lives and donated thousands of hours to protect our city and provide fire and rescue services for Golden residents and visitors. Having a mainly volunteer fire department saves the City and its residents and businesses millions of dollars every year.
Your help makes a real difference
Please consider making a donation to help fundraise for a keystone art piece titled "Follow Your Heart" that commemorates the hundreds of firefighter volunteers who have unselfishly volunteered (and are still volunteering) thousands of hours protecting th
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