Friends of the Aurora Public Library

-Support the ongoing programs and services of the Aurora Public Library with direct financial donations -Celebrate the lifetime joys of reading by offering a wide variety of low cost books and other media in a vibrant, well-organized atmosphere

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Summer Learning Program




Children ages 5 to 21
Children and Youth (infants - 19 years)
Children birth to age 3
Infants/Babies (under age 5)
Children (4-12 years)


The Friends of the Aurora Public Library help to fund free programs throughout the year in all the Aurora Public Library branches. In 2016, over 1,100 free programs were hosted with over 28,000 in attendance! The library staff also participated in nearly 700 community events, reaching over 49,000 community members - providing library materials via the Info2Go Van, hosting numerous educational experiences and providing opportunities to register for library cards. All of these were made possible with funding provided by the Friends of the Aurora Public Library.

For many years, the Friends of the Aurora Public Library have been a major sponsor for the highly popular Aurora Public Library Summer Reading Program. Each summer, thousands of children in the City of Aurora are eager to participate in this program. The Summer Reading Program (SRP) is a literacy program that provides incentives to continue reading over the summer. The Aurora Public Library encourages children and teens to read as much as possible over the summer to prevent fall-off in reading skills during the vacation months.

During 2016, the Reading Programs was reinvigorated by adding more than just reading! It is now the Summer Learning Program and included guidance and information on healthy eating habits, ways to get more exercise, how to engage with your friends and classmates in school and lots of fun general skills important for the development of young minds!

Reading is the single most important skill in determining future success in school and life-long learning. Research has shown that a child can lose a reading level if they don't continue to read during the summer - typically referred to as the "summer slide". Evidence shows that ensuring easy and continuous access to self-selected books for summer reading is a good strategy for addressing the potential summer reading set-back and the achievement gap that exists among students from more and less economically advantaged families. Family socioeconomic status has been linked to the access children have to books in their homes and neighborhoods.

The Friends of the Aurora Public Library was again a proud sponsor of the 2016 Summer Learning Program of the Aurora Public Libraries with a "Get In the Game"r theme. It was a thrilling year for both participants and library staff. Kickoffs were held at each of the four libraries where registrants were treated to a variety of entertainment and received free backpacks and books. Throughout the program, participants were also treated to weekly crafts, free special programs and great prizes - including a gift certificate to the Friends of the Aurora Public Library Book Outlet.

The program concluded at the end of July, 2016 with amazing results. There were over 3,800 registrants of all ages and over 260 programs were hosted by the library staff during this eight week period.

2016 was another banner year for the Aurora Public Library Summer Learning Program. The Friends are proud to be an ongoing supporter of this important program.

The Summer Learning Program is just one more way that the Friends of the Aurora Public Library continue to support their important mission of providing financial support to the Aurora Public Libraries and ensuring the future success of Aurora's children!


Evidence of Program's Success

One of the gifts for successful completion of the Summer Reading Program is a gift certificate to the Friends of the Aurora Public Library Book Outlet. We monitor the number gift certificates that are redeemed each year. In prior years, we have only received a handful of certificates in The Book Outlet that have been used by participants in the Summer Reading Program.

Since the completion of the 2016 program, we have received over 1,000 certificates in The Book Outlet. This indicates that more children participating in the program are aware of the work that the Friends of the Aurora Public Library do to support the Aurora Public Library programs. They and their parents, siblings and friends become aware of our organization and the support they can provide by becoming members and regular customers at The Book Outlet.

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