Fort Collins Baseball Club

The Fort Collins Baseball Club inspires new generations to be a part of the Great American Pastime. FCBC provides over $14,000 per year in scholarships to low-income and in-need families. Youth baseball - for the Love of the Game!

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Official Name
Fort Collins Youth Baseball Inc​​​​​​​
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(1991)Fort Collins Youth Baseball
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211 S. Bryan Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80521
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211 S. Bryan Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80521
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Mission Statement

Recreational Baseball Mission Statement
The recreational baseball program of FCBC promotes an educational and instructional program for individuals in the Fort Collins area. The FCBC recreational program promotes full player participation which includes the development of a healthy attitude toward sportsmanship and respect for authority, together with the instruction in baseball rules, skills and the element of play. Provides for ages 5 though 17.

Competitive Baseball Mission Statement
The competitive baseball program of FCBC strives to promote the highest level of competitive baseball play, while attracting highly skilled players who have the desire, determination, dedication and discipline necessary to improve their skills. The competitive program goals include; (1) An atmosphere that is conducive to learning the game, developing skills, and results in a positive experience for participants, (2) To provide the most competitive opportunities and field the best possible teams within an enjoyable environment; (3) Field the best players for teams at each competitive level; (4) Promoting the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship. Provides for leagues, Rookie, Select, High School Legion & Tournaments.

Organization History

Fort Collins Baseball Club (FCBC) is a private non-profit organization that has served the Fort Collins area since 1961. Today, FCBC has over 250 teams with more than 3,000 players, ranging in age from 5-17 who participate in spring, summer, fall and winter indoor leagues. Some teams play competitively in our Rookie League, Select Divisions, and High School American Legion Program. However FCBC's main emphasis is on the fundamental importance of recreational baseball as an essential source of recreation for our young people.

FCBC plays games 7 days a week on 64 different ball fields throughout the community during the summer. All available city, school district, and private fields are utilized during the season. Along with the city field crews, many of these fields are partially and some fully maintained by field crews hired by FCBC. In addition, the Club employs 61 trained umpires. Well over 400 volunteer coaches and other team personnel participate in the program every year.


"You learn sportsmanship, you learn how to get along with people, and you learn how to work as a team, and I think that's one of the biggest strengths of baseball, the game itself. It's a wonderful game, it's a wonderful teaching tool, and I'm happy that I've been involved with the Club for so many years and hope to have a couple more, anyway." -Andy Garcia, coach and grandfather

"I just remember from when I was young, some of the early experiences with those teams, with neighborhood kids. It was really people of all abilities, coming together for the common goal of playing baseball, and sportsmanship, and a lot of the values that you learn through athletics, particularly during the summertime, when there's a lot of free and available time." -Wade Troxell, Fort Collins City Councilman and former FCBC player

"Well, we wanted to get something for the kids, the boys to have during the summertime, some kind of sport. So we thought baseball would be the best, but we had to build our own diamonds to get started. We were short on money, naturally. We only had seven, or eight teams. And now, I guess they've got over 250 teams. So it's really grown, and it's a wonderful thing for young boys, I think. And young girls too, some of them like to play baseball." -Ken Buffington, FCBC Founder

"I do feel like I got a lot of support in the Fort Collins Baseball Club. Everyone backed me up, parents wanted me as their umpire, coaches wanted me as their umpire, my umpires liked working with me. I felt like this was a really great community that I was able to become an umpire." -Elizabeth Lloyd, former player and 1994 FCBC Umpire of the Year

"I just love the sport, it's fun to play. It's better playing outside than just sitting on a couch, watching T.V. I hope this summer they allow us to lead off, or steal, or something like that. But I'm hoping I just have fun." -Jason Yuan, FCBC player

"I think it's just been an amazing opportunity for our family. It's something that we would not have been able to do on our own, and it's provided Devon with this experience. He's just grown to love baseball and has been playing it for a couple years now, and we're just very grateful for the Club." -Amy Walker, parent and scholarship recipient

"Fort Collins Baseball Club has had a major influence in my life. Some of my Earliest memories in baseball started with playing in Fort Collins with FCBC. At a young age it installed values such as teamwork hard work and dedication, which are all things i still apply in my life now. to be able to get that at a young age only sets you up to successful as life goes on. Also to be able to play baseball all summer and develope relationships with other kids is a great experience. My love for baseball was created at that time and i still have friends from those teams many years later. FCBC is a great organization and i am truly blessed to have been part of it." -Andy Burns, former FCBC player, now playing for the Lansing Lugnuts - the Single-A minor league affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

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