Family Visitor Programs

Because babies don't come with instructions. Our home visitation models help families navigate pregnancy, birth, and the crucial 1,100 days that follow. All parents desire bright futures for their children. Happy, secure children are the foundation of stronger communities.

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General Information

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Family Visitor Program of Garfield County Inc​​​​​​​
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Family Visitor Programs
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401 23rd Street, Suite 204
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
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PO Box 1845
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
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970-945-1234 x22
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Mission Statement

The mission of Family Visitor Programs is to promote healthy families by providing education, advocacy, and support services that strengthen and empower families, foster the optimal development of children, and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Organization History

Family Visitor Programs was established in 1983, to provide support, education and advocacy for parents of babies and young children. Families are screened for interest and enrollment in programs: Nurse Family Partnership, Healthy Families America, Partners for a Health Baby and Bright by Three. Services can begin prenatally or soon after the birth of the baby. Staff can be involved until the target child is two or three years old. Families establish a long term, trusting relationship with their Visitor. On March 18, 2020, agency services switched from in person home visits, to virtual visits. Client contacts have increased by 25%, over last year. Families are continuing to enroll.

The Visitors continue to focus on education and support for birth and early childhood, giving parents important child development information and tools to meet their goal of raising healthy children. In addition to our regular programming, we are proving mental health support and referrals. Staff is helping families access financial support and community resources for rent, food, personal care and baby items.

The Partners for a Healthy Baby Program began providing parent support and education services to families in the fall of 1983. It was one of 15 demonstration projects funded with seed money from a federal Maternal-Child health block grant administered by the Colorado Department of Health. In November 1986, agency became an independent not-for-profit corporation.

All families have the option to enroll in one of the agency's parenting programs. Parents choose the level of services they desire, which can be as short-term as 1-3 visits (Bright By Three), five visits focusing on families set goals (Partners for a Healthy Baby), visits that begin in pregnancy and last until the child turns 2, as with the Nurse-Family Partnership Program, or the Healthy Families America program where visits can last up until the child is 5 years old. The agency's goal is to strengthen skills for all enrolled families so that the child receives the care and stimulation they need to thrive.

Family Visitor Programs is a well-established link in the network of agencies serving the Aspen to Parachute families. FVP's caseload has grown from 70 families to over 400 families. The agency is the oldest new-parent parental education program in Colorado.

• 1983: Family Visitor Programs established; universal core services Partners for a Healthy Baby for all parents.
• 1986: Family Visitor Programs became a private, not-for-profit corporation
• 1990: Agency begins providing joint services in conjunction with high school Teen Parent Programs
• 1999: Colorado Bright Beginnings Partner agency. (aka Bright by Three)
• 2003: Agency awarded Nurse-Family Partnership status by the Colorado Department of Health to provide services for 100 pregnant, first time, low income families.
• 2006: Read to Me program partner. It's practices are incorporated into all agency programs
• 2011: Healthy Families America program began enrolling families.
• 2011: Personal Responsibility Education Program funded by State, and Federal monies through Garfield County DHS to provide services for teens in Garfield County that prevent Teen Pregnancy and STDs. 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade classes using evidence based curriculum in RE-1 and RE-2 school districts.
• 2015: Became a fully accredited Healthy Families America site. The only HFA site in Colorado.
• 2016: Began contracting with Pitkin and Garfield County Departments of Human Services to provide CORE and prevention services for children 3 months to 5 years involved in an open child welfare case, and or has been screened out and is in need of intensive parenting services.
• 2016/2017 : Partners for a Healthy Baby Program enrollment criteria and services offered modified.


" The help that my visitor has given me, not only before but especially during these hard times has been so helpful. I cannot thank her enough". Jackeline

"Coming to this country was a traumatic experience, and to find out I was pregnant was not easy. When I was called to see if I wanted the program I was afraid and hesitant to say yes, but my Visitor easily became someone I could trust and let into my life. I am glad I said YES! She has helped teach me about this community, given me materials to use with my baby and is my greatest advocate! " Juana

"Having someone take the time to visit me in my home was wonderful. At first I didn't think I needed a visitor. I was getting information on line and thought that was all I needed. I was wrong. My visitor was able to guide me in ways that on line information couldn't. The support I got from my visitor was incredible. I wish everyone with a new baby could take part in this program." - Janice

"The added support that Family Visitor Programs offers is incredible. Without family around I looked forward to each visit every month. Those visits helped to reassure me, answering questions and sharing in the growth and development of my baby. I feel so blessed to have had this program, to have someone to share and connect with, to show me the ropes and get me connected to the many resources in the community. There was no room to feel alone." - Debbie

"I have loved having a Family Visitor. As a first-time mom, the information, support and love my daughter and I have received from our visitor have been invaluable. This program is amazing, and has blessed me and my family in countless ways. I wish all families could be blessed as we have through this program." - Rebekah

"Thank you so much for the Family Visitor Programs. My entire family came to love and look forward to our visits with our home visitor. She did more than just offer a toy and advice, she gave from her heart. She was committed to getting answers to any questions we had. She is such a giving, dedicated and loving person and we were blessed to have her visit us for a year. Thank you for all your program offers to the parents and children of Garfield County."
- Darlene

"I have learned so much from my visitor. My daughter loves to read and I know that is from the books and care that came from my visitor." - Vanessa

"The Family Visitor Programs has helped me gain the tools to be a better parent. To evaluate each circumstance as an opportunity for progression in my child's advancements, I am forever thankful for its support!"
- Jeremy

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