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Eye Health Institute, Inc.

The Eye Health Institute is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive eye care to the under served people of Jamaica. Our volunteers have served over 8,700 people and provided more than 4,200 pairs of glasses free of charge. The Eye Health Surgical Team has performed more than 150 procedures, which has restored vision to people needing cataract surgery, pterygium removal, and corneal transplants. We have conducted annual eye care missions since 2000 and our volunteers have been seeing patients since 1996.

The Eye Health Institute is a donation run organization. We operate solely on the generosity of our donors and the hard work of our volunteers. As a donation based organization your financial contributions go toward everything we do. That includes, but is not limited, to:

Purchase and transport of new equipment
Surgical supplies
Eye drops
Glaucoma meds
Edging (for the creation of custom prescription glasses)
New stands and chairs for exams
Eye charts

Helping Jamaica see clearly
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Created December 02, 2019
Eye Health Institute, Inc.
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