We help restore and preserve the eyesight of those in need by providing funding for and coordinating the delivery of comprehensive medical and surgical eye care. 100% of all donations received are used exclusively for patient care. Everything YOU give. Everything WE do.

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2770 North Union Blvd, Suite 240
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Mission Statement

To provide funding for and coordinate the delivery of comprehensive eye care to those in need.

Organization History

The significant need for eye care services for under-served communities was evident early in's founder's career. Dr. Jim Barad noted the need for charitable ophthalmic care was greater than local service organizations could provide. This became apparent during his volunteer activities at Peak Vista Community Health Center, where he was exposed to an indigent population that had access to basic healthcare, but could not afford the cost of evaluation by non-volunteer specialists, or the expense of any additional care that might be recommended or required. He also found a number of specialists were unwilling to see poor/uninsured patients.

Even if a compassionate specialist could be found, the difficulty in locating a surgical facility willing to provide indigent care, an anesthesia provider with privileges at that facility and same-day availability, obtaining expensive pre and post-operative medications, and coordinating transportation, was often overwhelming. Even worse, these hurdles were encountered repeatedly for each individual patient needing assistance. As a result, Dr. Barad envisioned to fund and coordinate the delivery of comprehensive eye care to those in need. 501 (c) 3 status was awarded in 2010. is the only comprehensive eye care organization providing these extensive
services to Colorado residents. Without, many of these patients
would be unable to secure the care they need to see and live independently.


"I had been turned away by three doctors because I couldn't afford care - one refused to even see me!"

(Maria is a 32 year old hispanic female, mother of two, who presented with legal blindness (vision less than 20/200 in her best-seeing eye) due to advanced diabetic retinopathy (a leading cause of preventable blindness in the United States, which occurs when abnormal blood vessels and scar tissue form within the eye, as a result of poorly controlled diabetes). She was a non-U.S. resident and therefore did not qualify for federal assistance programs or health insurance. provided funding for two cataract operations, in-office laser procedures, and three retinal surgeries. Although these interventions could not restore her vision to 'normal', they did preserve and improve her vision enough to allow her to care for her working husband and young children.)

"You gave me my life back!"

(John is a 50 year white male, who had recently lost his job driving an asphalt truck because he didn't pass the vision portion of his Commercial Driver's License test. He was found to have bilateral cataracts. He contacted through their website. Although John had medical insurance, he was unable to afford his high co-pay due to previous medical expenses of one of his dependents. Once he had qualified for assistance, John was referred to a participating ophthalmologist who volunteered his services for free. All
expenses for his surgery were fully covered, except the $100 he was able to pay towards his care. Following surgery, John passed his driver's test and was rehired. He now supports his family and pays his taxes.)

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