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HELP US SAY YES. Since 1981, EAPL has rescued animals not just if they are "cute" or "adoptable", but anywhere an animal is in need, even those needing expensive vet care. We simply say, "Yes, send them to EAPL." To keep saying YES, we need your continued support! Please donate to EAPL today.

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Evergreen Animal Protective League's (EAPL) only program is to help abandoned, lost and suffering animals in communities through rescue, shelter, education, reunion of lost pets with their owners, providing veterinary care, finding adoptive homes for pets, spaying and neutering pets, and assisting the needy to help keep their pets.

For this program, EAPL receives animals from other rescue groups, from private owners, from animal enforcement officials, and from community members reporting lost or abandoned animals. EAPL provides foster homes and a Cat Adoption Center for the animals it receives and also provides veterinary care and the daily needs for those animals. EAPL provides monetary assistance for spaying and neutering non-EAPL animals and for veterinary care for animals owned by persons in need of financial assistance.


Evidence of Program's Success

EAPL rescued over 650 animals in 2019 and these joined 151 animals already being fostered or sheltered for a total of over 800 animals being cared for by EAPL in 2019. Of these, over 760 were adopted into new forever homes. Many of the animals that EAPL rescued in 2019 required extensive veterinary care for conditions such as broken limbs, heartworm, malnutrition, and severe dermatitis--these animals were treated and most were adopted into new forever homes. Additionally, many animals with prior behavioral issues such as peeing in the home and aggression were successfully rehabilitated and placed into new loving homes.
EAPL is a no-kill animal rescue and only 6 of the animals we rescued had to be euthanized along with 3 animals that died, primarily of old age and/or health reasons.

An estimated 90% of the animals that EAPL placed into new homes were spayed and neutered under EAPL's spay/neuter certificate program where coupons for spay/neuter were issued to the adopters of the animals rescued by EAPL. In complying with new 2019 Colorado state laws, EAPL now holds our kittens and puppies longer since they are required to be altered at time of adoption. In addition, EAPL offered assistance to many pet owners who could not afford to spay and neuter their pets by issuing spay/neuter certificates for those animals as well. An estimated 600 additional animals owned by financially needy persons received veterinary care and food that helped keep those pets in their homes and prevented those animals from being euthanized because the owners could not afford veterinary care.

EAPL receives feedback from our community and adopters on an almost daily basis just like the following:

A few of the testimonials sent our way in 2020:

Denver Planned Pethood International - an excerpt from a letter they sent us--we work with them each month to assist needy people with vet bills: "Thank you...for all the pets and people you folks have help(sic) through so many years!"

Luna Moon - "I just wanted to share some fun photos. We are in Telluride camping and attending the Bluegrass Festival. Luna (fka Moon) is officially a festivarian. :-) She is a pro at getting on and off the gondola. We just adore her. She is the BEST furry friend to us all. Thank you for allowing her to be adopted into our family!"

Joey - Hi Cathleen, you can add me to your list of failed fosters. This little guy is too awesome to let him go and he makes the perfect addition to our family! How do I go about applying to adopt him? Thank you guys for all that do for these dogs!"

Dawson - Dawson - "Thanks so much for checking in. He's a shy little guy, but he makes a little bit of progress every day! He's hiding and not letting us pick him up, so we have him isolated in Zoe's room (it's a really big bedroom) for now until he trusts a little bit more just because we're worried about him getting stuck under furniture somewhere else in the house. We got him a little fleece igloo & he really likes that, spends quite a bit of time during the day in it sleeping or watching us. He's hissing a lot less than he did the first couple of days, so that's good progress as well. We pet him when he will let us and respect his space when he hisses or swats and we're giving him lots of treat rewards for social behavior. He's eating and drinking well and doesn't display any fearful behavior when he's up playing in the night or when we walk in after being out of the room for a bit, so we're just being super patient knowing he feels safe in the room, just doesn't trust us quite yet. We're getting there!" Next email - "He's doing great! He took several weeks to come out of his shell, but now he loves being petted & playing with all his toys!"

One of Rescue Partners - Cyndi and Susan -Here is what I am thinking.... getting these guys altered and vetted is like a full-time job so I want to continue to focus on that until the end of August. At that time, at least 90% will be altered and 100% of the females will be altered. THEN I would like to pick out 4-5 that would be good for you guys. I already have some 1-2 year olds in mind. I will pull those and keep them here with me for 4-6 weeks and then on to you if/when you have room. During that time, I will get final vet check-ups - mainly to check their teeth in case Cindy needs to do anything (like a dental) before they come. I really appreciate your offer to help with some of the financial responsibility and will get you a couple of receipts asap. THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH and I will be in touch! Melanie

Stella and Wiley kittens - "I hope you and your loved ones (human and feline alike) are happy and healthy. Wiley and Stella seem really happy here. They bring so much joy to my life. It's wonderful that they can be together, they are best buds! Thank you for encouraging me to adopt them both, and for the actions you took to make this a reality. Be well"

Sam -" It is going great! He is an energetic but sweet little dude, and has purred and frolicked his way into all of our hearts. Even our 3 year old Oni has touched noses with him! We have renamed him Dude cuz it fits. Thank you for all that you do to help the 4-leg world!"


Gizmo and Milky Way - "The kitties love their new home. My daughters renamed Milkyway and we call him Bruno. We're so very grateful for the role EAPL plays in our community....and thank you to all of your wonderful volunteers!"

Munkie - "Munkie adjusted quickly to her new home. She has become a very social and loving cat. She has slightly gained and is maintaining a healthy weight. Her fur has grown softer, shinier and healthier as well. Finally, any time we have been away for a day or two, when we return and call her name, she runs to us and meows like crazy for love and attention to show us she missed us as much as we missed her. We couldn't be happier about having Munkie in our lives and we are pretty sure she feels the same way."

Cloverfield - "Clover is wonderful and so loving! She is very happy. She is such a cuddle bug."

Amber - "Amber is doing great! She's an entirely different cat than what we imagined from Chow Down, as you can never really tell in the cat room. She is far more playful than I had anticipated. She's extraordinarily affectionate, loves to sleep on the pillows between our heads at night and next to the computer on the days when we're working from home. Thank you again, Amber has been a wonderful addition to our home."

Marigold - "Marigold (now known as Tabitha Raven) is doing fantastic! She's gained weight on a healthy diet - you can no longer see her hip bones, and her coat is glossy black! Of course my kids love her to pieces, and we hear that precious purr of hers aaaalllllll the time! She seems very happy, and is certainly spoiled rotten in her new home! We're so glad to have her as our newest family member! "

Smokey - "Smokey is wonderful and has blended beautifully with our family! He must have been someone's baby as he is very social and well adjusted. We renamed him Taj (as in Taj Mahal) to match his majestic personality. Thanks so much to you and all of the volunteers at the rescue who did such a great job taking care of him! Taj has found his forever home and we all couldn't be happier!"

Scout - ""Kitty" aka Scout, is doing great. She is so spoiled. She has the longest cry when it comes time to eat. She loves to play with the laser light and watch the squirrels and birds in the back yard. My husband and I just love her. Thank you so much for bringing me and Kitty together."

Daja - " Daja has adjusted very quickly and was purring within a few minutes. She is such a brave little soul as she explores the house. She clearly wants a fountain water dish (see photos), so I'll be shopping later today!! Yes, she's already running the household. :-) I adore her.

Thank you for everything you do!"

Later - "Daja is the best cat ever!! Her new name is Mei Li, which is Chinese for Beautiful. She is the most thoughtful and considerate cat I've ever shared life with and seems to enjoy being an "only child" for now. She's gained a little weight, so I'm keeping an eye on that to make sure it's healthy weight. She purrs and chats constantly and is now part owner of this home, as it should be. :-)

I cannot believe how blessed I am to have found her at EAPL, so please keep me posted on fundraisers. Thanks to ALL of you for everything you do!"

Sherlock - First report "He is doing great so far. He seems to be adapting well and is very happy with getting lots of attention." Later "Sherlock now Sergio is doing wonderful. He is very happy and has become a loved member of our family very quickly. He is healthy as can be and just a ball of snuggles and joy! Thanks for checking in."

Frosty - " Hello! We're so happy to have Frosty as part of our family. He's adjusted nicely. He loves sunbeams and my daughters room best. He's very snuggly and social. We're still working through early morning meows (he thinks we all should be up when he's ready). He's happy and loves his new home. Thanks for all your help!"

Tara Reid - " Sorry it took so long to respond...... Tara Reid's name is now Molly and we call her Miss Molly. She is adorable and everyone who meets her falls in love. She is healthy and sprinting around--lots of energy and love.

You do such a good job for EAPL and the animals! You made our adoption easy and delightful."

"Aloha Pam! Coco (Poppy) is doing great. She is such a great kitty, very chill and has a sweet personality. She loves to play with her toys and enjoys visitors. She is affectionate without being clingy. No issues with diet or litter-box. The first few days she spent exploring the entire house (it's small) and has her favorite places."

Pepita and Finch - "The cats are doing great - they're gonna be 2 happy companion cats. Finch, now called Poppy, is still more reserved than Pepita, now called Fleck, but she is coming along. Both are lap cats, which we love. Man, do they play hard! They are both in good hands.

Best Wishes and thanks again for taking such good care of our little friends."

Spots - "Hi Pam, Spots is doing so well! What an affectionate sweetheart he is and so curious! Thanks for asking. I have thought many times how I would love to let his previous owner know he is loved! Maybe not by my other cat yet, but at least they aren't hissing at each other as much:)"

Muffin - "So sorry I haven't had an opportunity to get back to you until now. I am happy to report that Muffin is doing really well! New name is Milo. Transition to a new home went well too. Milo is a happy kitty who loves his cat cave, cubbies in a closet, kitty treats and a sunny spot on the sofa for bird watching out the window. Thanks for checking in with us and for all you do!

Smokey - "Smokey is doing great! She is very laid back and loves to play. We are so happy! I am glad we found her at your center. I attached a few pics.
She loves to look out the windows and loves to sleep. Thank you again"

Simone - "Simone is doing great, I actually changed her name to Sophie after one of my favorite movie characters. She is very spoiled and she gets a lot of attention from me and everyone who visits the house. She follows me everywhere and she talks all the time, it's very cute. I attached some pictures for you! Thank you!"

Sven - "Sven is doing fine, loving his new house, and the havoc he can create there. He is quite the character, the pictures are Sven trying to wake up my daughter and then posing by the fireplace. He rarely stands still when awake, and has managed to get on top of everything in the house. We stopped at store Saturday aft , because Sammi wanted to tell you how much she loves Sven. And he plays with her, he's a great cat."


Wonderful organization!! Very responsive and helpful folks that want the best for the animals. We started as fosters for a Pittie (originally from Roswell) who had kennel cough and they quickly made arrangements for her to see a vet. It soon turned into a foster fail and we ended up permanently adopting her!!! She is a total sweetheart and treasured member of our family. We support EAPL and when the time is right we will turn to them for our next foster or adopt. Thanks EAPL!!!!!

Awesome organization! Found my puppy with EAPL 3 years ago. Great adoption experience! I now foster with EAPL and love everything about it. They are so supportive and compassionate. All the volunteers are wonderful to work with and it so nice to be helping save animals lives!

I have fostered with EAPL for 2 years. Great bunch of people to work with. I live quite a distance from Evergreen but that makes no difference to animal lovers. My husband and I recently became foster failures when we adopted our sweet Daisi. Due to local regulations we are unable to foster currently (3 dog limit) but when we can get back in the game, we'll gladly come back to EAPL! If you're looking to adopt or maybe do some volunteer work, EAPL is an outstanding bunch to work with! Love them all!!!

We had such a great experience with EAPL! Our little Willow is such an amazing part of the family, and we've since learned that NOT all rescue experiences are the same! We're so grateful for the work that you do, and that you do it well! Would recommend EAPL to anyone!

A Few 2019 Dog Adoption and Rescue Updates:

Gold Jack - found his forever home with his foster... after waiting 5 months for someone to see how special he was, he was in his forever home all along! From his foster/adopter: "He's pretty settled here, I know he will be happy that he gets to stay forever. Not that he knew there was any alternate option anyhow."

Cindy - From dumped, rounded up, penned, and begged for a rescue - she found her forever home. "I found my perfect home! I am NOT getting into that car again! I am home...My mom is getting her registered through the city of Denver so she is glad to have such thorough records. She is SO thrilled to have Cindy around :) Cindy is adjusting nicely though she refuses to get in my car or even go into the garage. We are working on it. Thank you for taking such good care of her!"

Hammer - unfortunately, someone hurt him and hence his shelter name. He came from a rural shelter with only a box to protect from the elements after being rescued to his wonderful forever home. His new name is Bacon. He is loved and cherished with his new family!

Theo and Kit Kat - Two EAPL kiddos were adopted 2 years apart. Two happy buddies together! Both rescues of EAPL and made for each other!

Luna - "We are in Telluride camping and attending the Bluegrass Festival. Luna (formerly known as Moon) is officially a festivarian. She is a pro at getting on and off the gondola. We just adore her. She is the BEST furry friend to us all. Thank you for allowing her to be adopted into our family!"

Wyatt - The boy no one wants. Yes, he had a deformity. They call it a "chicken wing leg" he could not use it. It just hung wrong and hurt more than not having one. EAPL took him out of the shelter and gave him the medical care he needed. EAPL's amazing vets helped Wyatt be a whole dog. "Look at him now - he is so handsome and he is already adopted! Look how happy he is and very well adjust now that he can move and walk with 3 normal legs."

I adopted my 4 year old Pom mix almost a year ago from the and they were amazing to work with! Poor little guy had pretty bad heartworms and they took care of everything for me all I had to do was get him to the appointments. This such a great group! Thank you!

Evergreen Animal Protection League helped me fund my 14 yr old terrier's overdue dental procedure. They were kind and responsive, and I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you!

While trying to save our puppy's life who we adopted from another shelter, we ran out of money for anymore extensive testing and treatment. Our biggest thanks goes out to Evergreen Animal Protective League. EAPL was able to help us afford the huge amount of tests through financial assistance and also introduced us to Dr. Allison at Look Out Mountain Animal Hospital. Dr. Allison got Mabel's tests run ASAP and was the only one who thought to look at Mabel's pancreas. She was right on the money, and was Mabel's best shot at coming through all of this. Sadly, Mabel passed on while on fluids in her office, but EAPL was finally able to give us answers and help her not suffer anymore.

I know your message was way back in June but wanted to let you know we have gotten the documents AND we are totally enjoying and in love with Rosie our rescue dog. She could not be a better fit for my husband - veteran with anxiety. She couldn't be a better fit for me! She has settled in, we can tell by some behaviors she has been abused, but she is doing good trusting us as we work her through. Thanks for doing what you are doing! For rescuing, finding a foster and allowing us to have her in our life.

From our foster home re one of our harder to place mamma doggies - Just a heads up that Kira is enjoying a trial slumber party tonight. My neighbor's brother in law saw her in my yard and loved her brindle coat. Him and his wife are falling in love with her and sending picture updates along the way.

Just wanted to send you a few photos from Charlie's (now Elliott's) first few days home. He's loving his new brothers, yard, and home. He's the sweetest, most gentile pup I've ever been around. He fits right in!! We've spent the past few days at the park, walking to school, playing tug of war, and cuddling. He's already been acquainted with his fur cousins and it was love at first sight.
He follows me everywhere and always greets me (and my boys) with the biggest kisses. Everyone he meets absolutely adores him!!

We already love him more than words can say. Thank you for fostering him so that we could have the opportunity to adopt him.

We had a re homing request come in which we try to help with as many as we can - Even though I found a great home for Dash through your posting and assistance, I am unable to give her up. She has been a part of our family since she was 8 weeks old. We love her and when push came to shove I just couldn't part with her. My kids and I LOVE this little girl. We had a small mutt until a few years back. She was my ex husbands dog when I met him and when I got rid of him (the ex) the girls and I kept the dog, She lived a VERY long and active life. According to adoption records she was at least 18.5 years old when we had to put her down. Fortunately she went from being just a bit slow and deaf to not being able to get up literally in the blink of an eye. The vet had warned me that if she doesn't get sick eventually her nervous system will just fail. That's what happened. We remember all of the joy she brought us for so many years (she was mine for 15 years of her life) and this little girl Dash reminds us so much of her that we just have to keep her. My cats aren't fond of her but we have set up the house so that they have room in the house to get away from the dog. The strain between them seems to be lessening over the past few weeks. We actually found the dog sleeping next to the cat one day. I am hopeful that they will soon be friends. The cats didn't like us when we adopted them and now they are attention hounds always looking for treats and pets. We are hoping that the dog will grow on them like we did. Cathleen, I sent in an adoption application and left you a voice mail. We finalized the adoption to her new home!

Once upon a puppy time in EAPL, there was two brothers, each adopted to a family home. Then unfortunately one puppy was returned. We contacted the owner of the one brother and by a miracle they wanted to meet his returned brother...This was a note sent in by their adopter "Duke and Darwin are happy to be together again, and we're happy to have them! We'll keep them both. Thank you so much for your help."

Thanks, Cathleen! Princess is wonderful! Getting spoiled rotten at work. Leaning the walking/leash and fetch already. Such a cuddle bug as nap time, sleeps sound at night in her room aka kennel. I got her organic puppy food she loves and snacking on carrots for treats. We are so in love, my boy and husband adore her. On a hourly potty schedule. Loves to run and romp around in the courtyard. We are so blessed and my senior residents at work are besides themselves. Thank you so much for such a precious blessing/addition to our family at home and work!

An even greater testament to our success is when young adults with their young families come to adoption events to adopt their first pet and tell us, "our parents adopted our family pets from EAPL and we want to adopt our family pets from EAPL". We are so honored to be a family tradition within our community.

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