Evergreen Animal Protective League

HELP US SAY YES. Since 1981, EAPL has rescued animals not just if they are "cute" or "adoptable", but anywhere an animal is in need, even those needing expensive vet care. We simply say, "Yes, send them to EAPL." To keep saying YES, we need your continued support! Please donate to EAPL today.

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Evergreen Animal Protective League​​​​​​​
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28650 Cavan Lane
Evergreen, CO 80439
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1260 Bergen Parkway
EAPL Cat Adoption Center
Evergreen, CO 80439
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P.O. Box 2517
Evergreen, CO 80437
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) is to help abandoned, lost, suffering, and needy animals through rescue, shelter, education, reunion of lost pets with their owners, veterinary care, adoption services, spaying and neutering, and assisting the needy to help keep their pets.

Organization History

About the EAPL

The Evergreen Animal Protective League was organized in April, 1981, to aid lost, abandoned and suffering animals through rescue, shelter and education. The League has provided a better life for over thousands of cats, dogs and other pets and has helped thousands more pets remain in the homes of low income families. Some facts:

•We are totally volunteer except for 3 part-time Thrift Shop employees. The majority of our members work during the day and do their volunteer work in the evenings and on weekends.
•We are not supported by taxes. All funding comes from donations from the public, and from fund raising activities. We do not make money from adoption fees. Adoption fees do not even cover the cost of advertising the pet, let alone vet care, etc.
•Because we must raise our own funds to operate, we depend upon the Evergreen and mountain communities as well as the Front Range communities for contributions and for volunteer assistance. We also depend upon our generous donors in other communities around Colorado and other states for their support.
•We are a non-profit organization recognized for tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. Our tax exempt number is 74-2204391. If you are contemplating donating to us you may use this number.
•We rescue and shelter (if space is available) abandoned pets.
•We adopt pets not claimed by anyone to new homes.
•We reunite lost pets with their owners through lost and found records and microchipping.
•We assist financially with spay/neutering of pets, and we educate pet owners about spay/neutering whenever possible.
•We assist financially with owners in financial difficulties to help keep their pets in their homes and provide needed vet care.
•We educate adults wherever possible about proper care of pets.
•We provide educational programs in the elementary schools.
•We provide pet registration tags for pets.
•We conduct fund raising activities to finance our programs.
•We are a good source for information on pet behavior problems, but we are not a replacement for a veterinarian.
•We help animals in any way that we possibly can.


EAPL Chosen as the 2017 Nonprofit of the Year at the 2018 Honoree Celebration by Evergreen Chamber of Commerce!!

A Few 2019 Cat Adoption and Rescue Updates:

Gizmo and Milky Way - "The kitties love their new home. My daughters renamed Milkyway and we call him Bruno. We're so very grateful for the role EAPL plays in our community....and thank you to all of your wonderful volunteers!"

Munkie - "Munkie adjusted quickly to her new home. She has become a very social and loving cat. She has slightly gained and is maintaining a healthy weight. Her fur has grown softer, shinier and healthier as well. Finally, any time we have been away for a day or two, when we return and call her name, she runs to us and meows like crazy for love and attention to show us she missed us as much as we missed her. We couldn't be happier about having Munkie in our lives and we are pretty sure she feels the same way."

Cloverfield - "Clover is wonderful and so loving! She is very happy. She is such a cuddle bug."

Amber - "Amber is doing great! She's an entirely different cat than what we imagined from Chow Down, as you can never really tell in the cat room. She is far more playful than I had anticipated. She's extraordinarily affectionate, loves to sleep on the pillows between our heads at night and next to the computer on the days when we're working from home. Thank you again, Amber has been a wonderful addition to our home."

Marigold - "Marigold (now known as Tabitha Raven) is doing fantastic! She's gained weight on a healthy diet - you can no longer see her hip bones, and her coat is glossy black! Of course my kids love her to pieces, and we hear that precious purr of hers aaaalllllll the time! She seems very happy, and is certainly spoiled rotten in her new home! We're so glad to have her as our newest family member! "

Smokey - "Smokey is wonderful and has blended beautifully with our family! He must have been someone's baby as he is very social and well adjusted. We renamed him Taj (as in Taj Mahal) to match his majestic personality. Thanks so much to you and all of the volunteers at the rescue who did such a great job taking care of him! Taj has found his forever home and we all couldn't be happier!"

Scout - ""Kitty" aka Scout, is doing great. She is so spoiled. She has the longest cry when it comes time to eat. She loves to play with the laser light and watch the squirrels and birds in the back yard. My husband and I just love her. Thank you so much for bringing me and Kitty together."

A Few 2019 Dog Adoption and Rescue Updates:

Gold Jack - found his forever home with his foster... after waiting 5 months for someone to see how special he was, he was in his forever home all along! From his foster/adopter: "He's pretty settled here, I know he will be happy that he gets to stay forever. Not that he knew there was any alternate option anyhow."

Cindy - From dumped, rounded up, penned, and begged for a rescue - she found her forever home. "I found my perfect home! I am NOT getting into that car again! I am home...My mom is getting her registered through the city of Denver so she is glad to have such thorough records. She is SO thrilled to have Cindy around :) Cindy is adjusting nicely though she refuses to get in my car or even go into the garage. We are working on it. Thank you for taking such good care of her!"

Hammer - unfortunately, someone hurt him and hence his shelter name. He came from a rural shelter with only a box to protect from the elements after being rescued to his wonderful forever home. His new name is Bacon. He is loved and cherished with his new family!

Theo and Kit Kat - Two EAPL kiddos were adopted 2 years apart. Two happy buddies together! Both rescues of EAPL and made for each other!

Luna - "We are in Telluride camping and attending the Bluegrass Festival. Luna (formerly known as Moon) is officially a festivarian. She is a pro at getting on and off the gondola. We just adore her. She is the BEST furry friend to us all. Thank you for allowing her to be adopted into our family!"

Wyatt - The boy no one wants. Yes, he had a deformity. They call it a "chicken wing leg" he could not use it. It just hung wrong and hurt more than not having one. EAPL took him out of the shelter and gave him the medical care he needed. EAPL's amazing vets helped Wyatt be a whole dog. "Look at him now - he is so handsome and he is already adopted! Look how happy he is and very well adjust now that he can move and walk with 3 normal legs."

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