Some nonprofits in our community
  • Vail Christian Academy
    With spiritual, academic and physical tools in place, our students are empowered to impact the world for Christ, ensuing sustainability for future generations of Christian worldview leaders. Thank you for supporting our endeavor to foster spiritual growth, caring outreach and to develop leaders.
  • Vail Valley Eagles Basketball Club
    Even though basketball is an inexpensive sport to play in terms of equipment costs, many of our athletes struggle to afford the fees to play in our club, despite those fees being among the lowest for any club sport here. These contributions will allow us to provide assistance to more athletes.
  • Vail Valley Charitable Fund
    Since 1996, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund has distributed $8 million to 1,600 families in the Vail Valley. All of the money raised stays here locally to help those who need it most. The Eagle County Smiles program provides low- to no-cost dental services to children ages 0-18 who are uninsured.
  • Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group
    ALL of the funds raised by the VBCAG stay local to help ease the financial and emotional burdens by those women in our community diagnosed with breast cancer. We provide each woman, regardless of her echelon, with a $500 check, and help pay for tests/treatments.

Give where you live and where you play.

Inspiring 40+ participating non-profit organizations to rise together and raise awareness for Colorado Gives Day, a statewide movement of 24-hours of online giving to support the spectrum of programming and services that make our community a great place to live.

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