The Cycle Effect

The Cycle Effect is dedicated to empowering and changing the lives of young women through mountain biking, racing, mentoring, education and community service. Help our athletes realize that what they thought was impossible is, in fact, possible through hard work, determination and perseverance.

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Girls Mountain Bike Program


Recreation & Sports 


Female Children and Youth (infants - 19 years)
Female Youth/Adolescents (14 - 19 years)
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged
Hispanic, Latino Heritage


The Girls Mountain Bike program serves approximately 125 young women ages 11-18 throughout both Eagle and Summit Counties. Over 75% of participants are from lower-income Hispanic/Latina families or on the free and reduced lunch program through the school. The girls in the program receive access to over 80 days of programming (including physical fitness training, nutritional guidance, races, coaching, volunteer opportunities, college-readiness and mentoring) per season, which runs from January through October. Program offerings expanded to year-round and offers modified programming (yoga, nutritional focus, etc) in November-December, which has typically been our off-season. Additionally, each young lady provides 20 hours of community service, as a requirement of the program in giving back to the community. Their families help them adjust to the amount of exercise they are doing, by choosing healthier meals and getting more sleep. As we've seen in past programming, these healthy lifestyle choices have a ripple effect on family and friends, affecting the community at large. By providing 1-1 mentorship and college readiness skills, we will continue our excellent 100% graduation rate of our participants moving on to college, with 90% of those girls being the first in their families to do so. Most importantly through our after- school program, we embed life skills to forge a successful path toward educational, economic and family success. We use our program to influence young girls to stay in school, pursue higher education and a career, thus shaping a more successful future for themselves and our community.


Evidence of Program's Success

To date, 100% of our high-school graduates have gone on to college. Over 80% of these girls are the first in their family to go to college. We continue to see consistent growth each year showing the ongoing need and demand for our program.

Recent impact statements:
"Riding has given me an outlet to keep me away from other harmful patterns in my life."
"I knew I had to eat today to fuel myself for my ride. I am now more aware that what I put in my body affects my day, mood, and performance."
"I am going to be the first one in my family to go to college."
"I show up because this is the first place anyone has ever told me they are proud of me."
"I appreciate you guys so much. I consider you guys to be my second family. Thank you for everything!" -incoming 12th-grade participant
"I am completely happy that I made a choice to join The Cycle Effect, it has made me feel much better when times are hard. As of right now, I am dealing with a lot of things at home with my parents and usually come to The Cycle Effect sad or mad. At the end of practice, I am no longer in that sad or mad state." -incoming 7th-grade participant

We survey participants quarterly and compare data to the national and local Gallup poll. Here are some notable statistics from our 2017 surveys:
85% of Cycle Effect participants say participating in the program helps them to manage their stress.
"Mountain biking has become my stress management tool!" -incoming 12th-grade participant

93% of participants responded that "mountain biking with The Cycle Effect has increased my belief in myself."
"The Cycle Effect has taught me to be less shy and more confident with myself it has also taught me to be very responsible and that will help me a lot in the future to do great things." -incoming 10th-grade participant

90% of participants responded that they keep trying even when things are difficult.
"I see it helping me because it's going to show me how to stay 100% committed to something and to keep on trying when I can't do something at first." - incoming 11th-grade participant

-When asked how our participants felt about themselves they responded with an average of 7.5 out of 10. Which is higher than other national reports: 62% of all girls feel insecure or not sure of themselves, according to "Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Report on the State of Self-Esteem Commissioned:"

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