Why would so many local charities vying for the same pool of dollars work collaboratively? To promote the importance of supporting the idea of giving locally!

In 2012, representatives from local charities began working together to form the Douglas County Non-Profit Coalition (DCNPC). The coalition, since renamed Douglas County Gives, and now a program of the Douglas County Community Foundation, is dedicated to promoting, growing and finding synergies among local charities through increased awareness of the broad array of charitable organizations within Douglas County. The effort is centered around those organizations eligible to participate in Colorado Gives Day.

Douglas County Gives represents charities doing work in a variety of areas including animal welfare, arts, education, health, land and wildlife conservation, nutrition, and wellness. The annual Douglas County Nonprofit Giving Guide, published in partnership with Colorado Community Media, is intended to be a resource for anyone wanting to learn about the wide range of philanthropic organizations located within the County, and is a tool that can be used to quickly support the nonprofit of your choice.

Here is a glimpse of the amazing work Douglas County non-profit organizations are pursuing!

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