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Denver Architecture Foundation (DAF) elevates and celebrates the interconnectedness of architecture, design, community, arts and culture. Our programs embrace Denver's diverse neighborhoods and built environment as an ever-changing museum with exhibitions for people of all ages and walks of life.

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Official Name
Denver Architecture Foundation​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
The Denver Architectural Foundation
Former Name(s)
(2017)Denver Architectural Foundation
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3264 Larimer St
Suite D
Denver, CO 80205
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3264 Larimer St
Suite D
Denver, CO 80205
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Mission Statement

Denver Architecture Foundation inspires people to explore our dynamic city, experience the importance of design to our quality of life and envision an exceptional future for Denver.


Virtual Tours 2020 testimonials:
"Your programs always leave me feeling proud of Denver and particularly its efforts to repurpose buildings."
"During this period of mostly staying at home, it is much appreciated to have interesting Zoom experiences."
"Thanks so much for doing the virtual tour - it was excellent, as well as the tour leader. Perfect visuals, explanations of features and commentary. Please do more as they are such a joy!"
"I am not very knowledgeable about architecture, but am fascinated by Denver history and its buildings. I usually participate in Doors Open Denver with my grandchildren. Thanks for the excellence and interesting detail in all you do."
"Thank you for forging ahead in spite of the obstacles with COVID. I look forward to more virtual tours until we can go 'live' again!"
"This tour was excellent--as is all your programming."

Virtual Out-of-the-Box City 2020 testimonials:
"Thank YOU for creating this! My son worked for a solid week on his [design], and is an aspiring architect who's reading A Field Guide to American Architecture for fun and is obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright. He was thrilled with his final product (I don't think it's ever leaving our basement), and loved the video. What a cool project in general, and especially this year-- thank you and all of the folks you worked with to make this happen!"
"Over the top fabulous. Looking forward to next person."

Doors Open Denver 2019 testimonials and reviews:
"What a treasure this event is! A jewel in Denver's crown."
"I love DOD and appreciate the opportunity to see so many beautiful or significant buildings that otherwise would be unavailable."
"Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful gift of Doors Open Denver every year. It is the best weekend out of the entire year."
"Keep up the great work as one of Denver's advocates for quality design in our buildings and public spaces!"
"You reinforce my pride in my city."
"When it comes to exploring the architecture and design of Denver, it doesn't much get better than Doors Open Denver, the much-loved annual event organized by the Denver Architecture Foundation." Peter Moran, Modern in Denver
"The Mile High City brims with beautiful, historical, and architecturally significant buildings that most of us never have the opportunity to explore-except for one weekend each year, during the Denver Architecture Foundation's annual Doors Open Denver." Christine Deorio, 5280
"They remind us how buildings bring people together, how they can help us learn and lift up our workday, and how they serve as place-makers by sheltering communities as they grow, come of age and develop their history." Ray Mark Rinaldi, The Know (Special to The Denver Post)

Cleworth Architectural Legacy Project 2018-2019 testimonials:
"It was our privilege to once again work with such an amazing elementary school as Bradley. Bradley's IB curriculum and encouragement of natural curiosity aligns so nicely with design, architecture and our firm. Now, our 3rd grade counterparts are equipped and confident in taking ideas from their brains out into the real world!"
"One of the program highlights was our trip to Architectural Design by I.M. Pei. I did not realize how well this integrated both our study of Weather and Architecture. I just wanted to share with you because it was a really great trip and it tied in well with both units of study. I am sure you are probably already aware of this but the tour includes a big talk on the architecture of the building. The kids were so knowledgeable and the tour guide was amazed! CAL is such a great program!"

Organization History

DAF was founded in 1990 as an extension of the American Institute of Architects' (AIA) Denver Chapter and has since evolved into Denver's leading architecture organization delivering robust programming focused on connecting the Denver community with the city's ever-changing built environment. Over the past three decades, DAF has maintained its focus on building public understanding and involvement with architecture, championing its interconnectedness with Denver's cultural and artistic landscapes.

From the early 2000s to 2015, DAF focused on three signature programs: Doors Open Denver, the Cleworth Architectural Legacy Project and Hard Hat Tours. Additionally, DAF invested in Denver's most robust architectural guidebook, the Guide to Denver Architecture, now distributed in its second edition. Since 2015, DAF has further developed and improved programs to engage broad, diverse audiences in architecture experiences and education. DAF has also added Walking Tours, Audio Tours, Lecture Series, Special Events and Box City to its annual program calendar.

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