Crossroads Safehouse, Inc.

With your support, we can provide emergency shelter and other wrap-around services to families affected by domestic violence. The assistance they receive at Crossroads is invaluable in helping them move forward with their lives. Your gift will help make our community a safer place for everyone.

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Crossroads Safehouse Incorporated​​​​​​​
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421 Parker Street
Fort Collins, CO 80525
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421 Parker Street
Fort Collins, CO 80525
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P.O. Box 993
Fort Collins, CO 80522
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Mission Statement

Crossroads Safehouse shelters, supports, advocates for, and empowers all people so that we can live lives free of domestic violence and interpersonal abuse.

Organization History

Crossroads Safehouse was founded in 1980 as the result of a task force created by the City of Fort Collins to address the need for emergency safehousing and supportive services for victims of domestic violence. In February of that year, we opened the doors to a four-bedroom safehouse. It was full within one hour. Since then we have expanded to a 29,000 sq. ft. facility, which includes 32 bedrooms/104 beds and offices for all administrative and direct-service staff, but one thing hasn't changed - the shelter is still nearly always full. In addition to the emergency shelter, Crossroads offers a variety of programs and services to victims and their children, including a 24/7/365 crisis line always answered by a trained advocate; a food pantry; a 600-sq. ft. boutique which provides clothing and personal items; an on-site medical unit; a pet fostering program; 24/7/365 crisis intervention and victim advocacy at scenes of domestic violence crimes in partnership with law enforcement; a non-residential outreach program; strengths-based, goal-centered individual advocacy; support groups; therapeutic counseling for adults and children; legal advocacy; an on-site law firm; longer-term co-located housing; youth victim services; and community education and prevention programs. All services are free of charge and are offered in Spanish and English.


Crossroads Safehouse serves men, women and children who are trapped in dangerous, seemingly impossible situations. Every client has a story to tell. Each story is different and compelling.

Holly and her husband Andrew have been married for 10 years. At first, their relationship seemed perfect. They had a whirlwind romance in college, and when Andrew proposed, Holly left school to take care of their home and prepare for their life together. On their wedding day, Andrew promised that he would always take care of Holly and do whatever he could to make her happy. They had two children, and Andrew became successful in his career as a real estate investor. Unfortunately, their idyllic life didn't last. Andrew became controlling and verbally abusive. Over time, his behavior escalated to physical abuse. When he started threatening their children, Holly knew it was time to leave.

As she started looking for a place to live, Holly realized there was no way she could afford housing on her own. It had been years since she had worked outside her home, and she didn't even have a degree. Without many job prospects, Holly and her children moved into one of the properties Andrew owned while she searched for a job. Soon, she secured part-time employment at an office in downtown Fort Collins. Working helped her feel more confident, and after a few months she gained the courage to file for divorce.

Sadly, Andrew shattered her confidence when he broke into Holly's apartment while she was at a school function with her children. They returned home that evening to find the door broken and many of their belongings destroyed. Holly called the police, who helped her contact a victim advocate from Crossroads' Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART). Holly felt unsafe staying in the apartment that Andrew owned, so the DART advocate helped her move into the shelter at Crossroads where she could feel confident that her family was safe.

While they lived in the shelter, Holly continued working and saving money for a new place to live, but she knew she likely wouldn't be able to make enough to pay for a security deposit and other move-in costs by the end of her eight-week shelter stay. She worked with her advocate at Crossroads to access community resources like financial counseling and childcare assistance programs that would enable her to move forward without depending on Andrew for housing. Her advocate also helped her find low-cost legal assistance so she could complete the paperwork she needed to finalize her divorce. When her shelter stay ended, Holly had saved almost enough to move her family into a place of their own. She made arrangements to stay with a friend while she finished working toward her savings goal. Thanks to the help she received at Crossroads, Holly is finally free from Andrew's controlling and abusive behavior. As she was leaving, she told her advocate "I'm so thankful for you and everyone at Crossroads. You showed me that there is a way to a better future, and now I can show my children what real strength is. I'll never forget all you did for us!"

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