Courageous Faces Foundation

BE A HERO & help the Courageous Faces Foundation improve the quality of life for those living with rare or severe medical conditions through providing opportunities, products, and services to those that need it most. Together we can make a difference. One person, One family, At a time!

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General Information

Official Name
Courageous Faces Foundation​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Former Name(s)
(2016)Special People Special Needs Foundation
Date Established
Offers Additional Colorado State Tax Credit
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Headquarters Address
7495 E. Peakview Ave.
Centennial, CO 80111
Colorado Location
7495 E. Peakview Ave.
Centennial, CO 80111
Mailing Address
7495 E. Peakview Ave.
Centennial, CO 80111
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Mission Statement

The Courageous Faces Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with rare or severe medical conditions through ongoing, personalized, direct support for them and their families while changing perceptions until everyone is seen as a person first.

Organization History

August 2014 Special People Special Needs Foundation received 501 c3 status
March 2015 Kickoff for Foundation
August 2016 Changed Name to Courageous Faces Foundation

In late 2014, Courageous Faces Foundation President and CEO, Trish Morris, recognized the gap in the philanthropic arena in providing support for people living with a serious or rare medical condition. The Special People Special Needs Foundation was granted 501 (c) (3) status and began to help those that needed it most. In August of 2016, the name was changed to Courageous Faces Foundation to better reflect the immense courage of the incredible people that the foundation supports and serves.


Sylvia Koblence Farbstein- parent of a Face of the Foundation
"All it takes is one person to speak up and share their story. The Courageous Faces Foundation goes beyond our expectations and breaks every barrier between us all. Our titles, backgrounds and circumstances are not who we are, but rather our hearts are what bind us. Here's to celebrating our uniqueness."

Johnny Quinn, Face of the Foundation
"You've organized my life's ambitions and goals so much! You've strengthened my platform as an individual in society, you inspired and cultivated me to be so much more confident than I thought I could be. We've shared laughs together, inside jokes etc. You're the greatest people I've met in my life, and that's the truth. In just these 2 years my life has been impacted with unimaginable amounts of joy and hope for a positive future.
Your foundation and everyone in it is making this world a better place little by little. I'm beyond blessed to be a part of your lives. I look up to all of you so much."

Reggie Bibbs, Face of the Foundation
"Courageous Faces Foundation are people that were willing to accept me, I didn't know- it really changed me; made a big, tremendous difference in my life. We are people just like anyone else. If we are confident, it will make people more accepting of who we are. The Foundation is making a difference in all of us. It's very important for them to continue because it's making a difference in a lot of people's lives. I'm so thankful because I feel that I can make a difference. It's a blessing."

Sandee Walling, Board Member
"The Courageous Faces Foundation and the work they do moves me greatly. The incredible impact they are having, the lives they touch, and the happiness they bring are truly amazing. I have spent many years working with other foundations and individuals with special needs and what the Courageous Faces Foundation is doing goes beyond anything I have ever experienced."

Alan Rouleau, Alan Rouleau Couture
"I have been in the clothing business for 29 years and have participated in many charities. I have never seen a charity where you can actually see where your money has been spent and the difference it is making. This is a quality of life foundation that is different than anything we have ever experienced here in Boston. This is a charity like no other. My life has changed to where the small things just don't bother me anymore. I have never asked anyone to donate to any charity I have been involved with until now. I am really proud to be associated with this foundation."

KJ Yates, Face of the Foundation
"Relaxing in my new bed! It is very comfortable and allows me to be elevated, which helps with my breathing. I have slept much better, and have Trish Morris and the Courageous Faces Foundation to thank for this. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!"

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