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CCS Learning Academy (CCSLA) is a nonprofit early childhood education community rooted in progressive inclusion and holistic innovation. At CCSLA, we believe that every single child is capable of excelling when given the proper supports and opportunities. We support each student by fostering their unique talents and dreams, custom-tailoring our programs to their learning styles and intelligence. Our school enthusiastically advocates for a student-centered and community-based approach that integrates the best aspects of curricula from around the world. CCSLA will serve a diverse population of 2.5 to 5 years old in Northeast Denver, Colorado and is set to open in 2019/2020 (TBA).

CCS was founded to address an urgent need for integrating evolving models of learning and for a more effective approach to prepare children to thrive in 21st century society. CCS will be especially welcoming to traditionally challenged students, English language learners, students who receive free and reduced lunch, and minorities. CCS offers an additional school option for students and families seeking a school interested in innovative leadership and improved academic performance.

Student-Empowered: The keystone of the CCS educational framework is mastery learning. Mastery learning is based on the fundamental belief that all children can learn when provided with the conditions that are appropriate to their unique abilities. Mastery learning includes a focus on competency-guided learning objectives, personalized learning plans, and ongoing advisement. With mastery learning, CCS students will acquire a working foundation for each subject before advancing to new material. This mastery learning approach stands in contrast to the widely used, age-based annual grade placement system. Because our mastery-based model requires students to achieve a minimum assessment score of 85% in order to advance, there will be no gaps in a student's education.

Our comprehensive program will prepare students to be engaged citizens, thoughtful leaders, and visionary media creators. Our success is grounded in the partnership of teachers, parents, and community working together to nurture our core values of collaboration, passion, and creativity.

CCLSA will immerse young children early in interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) based experiences and inquiry-based learning while fostering social and emotional aptitude grounded in equity. This will work to give all children a head start on 21st century skill mastery. CCSLA is particularly welcoming of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), English language learners (ELL), and those with all kinds of social and sensory differences.

Student-Centered: We see the child as a whole, with needs in all developmental areas: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. We offer children a variety of practical experiences that are designed to foster self-discovery, autonomy, and the freedom to learn and create within a safe environment. Students are encouraged to explore their passions through self-guided, project-based learning that encourages artistic creativity and higher level connection through multidisciplinary STEAM-focused design.

The keystone of the CCSLA educational framework is mastery learning. Mastery learning is based on the fundamental belief that all children can succeed when provided with the conditions that are appropriate to their unique abilities. Mastery learning includes a focus on competency-guided learning objectives and ongoing social-emotional development. With mastery learning, CCSLA students will acquire a working foundation for each skill before advancing to new material and we will utilize Teacher Strategy Gold, an ongoing assessment tool for birth through Kindergarten to track and record their measurable progress and guide personalized instruction.

This model has shown to be particularly effective as a support for those children with ASD. Early identification and interventions are crucial to closing the learning gaps typically seen when non-neurotypical children enter kindergarten. We partner with community experts in offering the best in modern support innovations and intensive services as necessary including Applied Behavior Analysis qualified professionals.

Community-Based: Progressive inclusion within the community of CCSLA is a fundamental standard for creating learning opportunities based on empathy, connection, and true democracy. By creating an environment focused on relationships, effective communication, and acceptance of all children, our students will benefit from the social and emotional development only available in such a collaborative structure.

CCSLA prepares students to be valuable stewards of sustainability in their neighborhoods and beyond. We actively partner with local leaders and experts to implement practical projects that serve the community. We also cross-design with an emphasis on nurturing cooperative principles and permaculture ethics.

This is exemplified in our cooperative model of horizontal leadership that supports teachers and everyone involved in the learning community as professionals. All facets of the program will attest to a culture grounded in equity, inclusiveness, quality, and competency.

Inspired by serving those most in need in our community, we believe that CCSLA will be the early childhood program in Denver that empowers all unique students to be successful by growing their unique abilities

With the help of Colorado Gives campaign, our goal is to raise $7,500 to use towards Technology, Curriculum, Outreach Materials, STEAM and Teacher Leadership Workshops.

The Colorado League of Charter Schools is the sponsor for this fundraising campaign but the funds will be disbursed directly to CCS Learning Academy.

Thank you for helping raise money for our amazing preschool
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