Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery

Our philosophy is based on teachings of the Buddha under guidance of Abbot Tinh Man. The focus is cultivation of Vietnamese and other Buddhist Traditions including Engaged Buddhism, Pureland Zen and meditation, useful in everyday life and for practioners of all levels and cultural backgrounds

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Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery​​​​​​​
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8485 S. US HWY 285
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8485 S. US HWY 285
Morrison, CO 80465
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8485 S. US HWY 285
Morrison, CO 80465
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Mission Statement

To teach Buddhist philosophy and culture, strengthen relationships among Vietnamese and American Buddhists and provide spiritual, moral and mental assistance to all persons through the teachings of the Buddha

Organization History

Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery is located in the mountains of Morrison, Colorado, on 10 acres of forest in the foothills. It was founded in 2006 by Abbot Thay Tinh Man after he completed his studies at Plum Village, France, with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Supported by three resident monks, and generous community support, the Monastery hosts both Vietnamese and English speaking programs. People of all ages, backgrounds and traditions are welcomed. All are nourished by opportunities to find peace, joy and compassion within themselves. Inspiring statues and beautifully landscaped trails throughout the grounds invite visitors to slow down and touch the nurturing and healing natural surroundings.


Gretchen Leland: Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery…what a beautiful, peaceful place - so friendly, it feels like home! When I enter the grounds, I immediately relax and shed the stress of the day.I attend the Tuesday night Dharma classes and sometimes the Saturday Days of Mindfulness. Students at all levels are welcome. The Abbott, ThayTinh Man, is a gentle, wise teacher. The congregations are multicultural which adds to the joy! My life is enriched by this unique, local practice center!

Adam Acevedo: After years of studying Buddhism from books, what a joy to finally practice with authentic Buddhist teachers from Asia. In the last year I've spent many precious hours sharing ideas, teachings, and meditation with monks from Vietnam, Tibet, and Bangladesh...all thanks to CDC's efforts. In this age of social and political division it's so very refreshing (and rare) to share a sense of community and unconditional acceptance. The lovely monastery grounds and peaceful faces of the Buddha statues at CDC never fail to instill in me a sense of inner calm. I suspect CDC will fill a void in many people's lives for decades to come!

Lisa Pettitt: In practicing mindfulness at Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery (CDC), I am happy to donate to this amazing organization and community. The CDC community, led by resident monastics, has created an atmosphere where people can come home to themselves, inspired by beautiful surroundings and insightful teachings, always offered generously at no cost and open to all. I have witnessed my own transformation through the practices nourished here and watched that same process unfold for others, from young children, to high school students, to adults. I am confident that my donations benefit not only the CDC community but also the larger Denver metropolitan area as the seeds of happiness and calm that are planted and watered there ripple out.

Paula Kelly: I have been attending the monastery for approximately 10 years. It is a peaceful place steeped in the beauty of mindfulness, welcoming all members of and visitors to our community. It is a place where you can find solace in the woods, support in the sangha, education in the Tuesday night class and help with personal issues from Thay Tinh Man, the compassionate abbot of this wonderful facility. Thay and the other resident monastics make everyone feel welcome and no one is turned away for lack of money or any other reason. I have gained a sense of peace in my life from the teachings I have received in Tuesday night class and have cultivated some very good friends there too! I have learned meditation techniques and the importance of living in mindfulness that have been invaluable in the trials and tribulations life brings. As we grow, I would love to see a meditation hall built so that we can continue to share all of these amazing life skills with our community. I believe that this sense of community, peacefulness and compassion is not only attributed to the beauty of nature that surrounds the monastery but also by the cultivation of these values by Thay Tinh Man and the monastics who live and practice what they teach.

Từ Niệm & Vân Lạc: My husband and I are always drowning in our busy life style. We try to balance between work and family; we hardly have the time for ourselves to reflect who we are. Fortunately, we have the Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery to attend the Sunday service every week to practice our Buddhism Belief. We have learned many good things at the Monastery. We found that following the light of the Buddha, it helps us overcome many challenges and difficulties in our life. At times of stumble, we bring the seeds of Faith to enlighten our soul. At times of offended, we bring the seeds of Forgiveness to forgive the mistakes of others. We always cultivate the seeds of Love in us to love and care for others. At the Monastery, we also can chant and hear the awakening bell; it reminds us of the Cause and Effect, so that we would not do any harm to any living beings around us and to help others who are less fortunate than we are. Once again, many thanks for the existence of The Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery. It helps us fulfil our needs in practicing our Buddhism Belief.

Tu Bao & Van Huong: My husband and I came to this Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery ten years ago. We felt in love with this place right away. My husband used to take me and my little daughter there about three times per week, almost every week even though it's one hour from our house. The very peaceful environment there positively impacted my husband's energy after his stressing workday.
Every time we came there we talked to the abbot - Reverend Thich Tinh Man who shares to us his dreams as well as his plans for what and how to build this place so it can be benefit to many other people. Listening to the abbot was really inspired me; I know I can contribute my little help to build his dream. Since then, Sunday is our temple day. We came there to chant, to listen to Buddha's teaching, to practice meditation, to share our thoughts as well as to practice being mindfulness in our present moment.
My life was changed. The more I practice Buddhism the more I feel peace and compassion. I dedicate more time to help out at the monastery whenever I have time. With the instruction of the abbot we organize big events every year such as Vesak,Ullabana and many retreats for Vietnamese as well as for English speaking friends. My two children always come along with us to the temple and help out mini chores. They've been taking Vietnamese and dharma classes on Sunday for about two years. Beside Sunday section for Vietnamese there's meditation class very Tuesday night and 1st whole Saturday every month. Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery is very well known place for friends despite what's their nation. People come to pray, to chant, to learn, to enjoy the beautiful scenes and peaceful environment. We are feeling so blessed to be part of this Monastery. We are very appreciated reverend Thich Tinh Man for his nonstop efforts to transform this place into such an amazing place which benefits to the whole community.

Kim Nga Nguyen: I would like to thank you for everything that you've done for us and inspiring us with your hard work, dedication, devotion, and your compassion for sentient beings. It will continue and pass onto future generations. Without your sacrifice, we will not have the beautiful Buddhist Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery that we have today. All of my brothers and sisters at the Monastic and I, we deeply appreciate it.The Monastery is a beautiful place to practice mindfulness. The scenery is peaceful, and the view changes depending on the season. Regardless of the season, the Monastic always has its own beauty. I was really touched by the peace and quietness of this place. The path that goes to Buddha and Bodhisattva statue is so peaceful. Sometimes I have to stop, and close my eyes to be able to connect with the nature around me. I can hear the birds singing, the sound of trees waving along with the wind, the scent of pine, rich colors of nature, etc….and in this moment I completely forget all the difficulties that I encountered in my daily life. I gave myself to the flow of tranquility. It is not just the atmosphere, but it was the peace of the heart that begins within me. I feel great every time I arrived at the Monastery. I love the practice of mindfulness together with the Sangha, and all brothers and sisters. We were meditating, sitting, breathing, and eating lunch silently. I feel that my spirituality, positive energy, confidence, efficiency, loving-kindness, and compassion increase within me.

Quang Lam: My wife and I have 2 daughters, ages 11 and 6. We come to Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery every Sunday. We take our daughters to the monastery so they can learn Vietnamese and Dharma (the Buddha's teachings). I am also a teacher in one of the Vietnamese classes. There are about 20 kids in both Vietnamese and Dharma classes. In those classes, my kids and other kids learn, among other things, the Vietnamese language, how to mediate, how to be mindful, how to be compassionate and kind to other people and other sentient beings. Sunday school and other activities at the monastery also provide opportunities for kids to learn social skills and leadership skills. A lot of activities in the Dharma class and outside of the class also teach kids to love and protect the environment. I strongly believe that Sunday school and activities at Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery help shape kids to become better human beings, strong leaders and great citizens for society.
Besides Sunday school and activities for kids, the monastery also have weekly services for Vietnamese-speaking and English-speaking Buddhist practitioners. Additionally, the monastery regularly holds retreats for those two groups of practitioners. In those services and retreats, among the core teachings of the Buddha, the practitioners learn about compassion and loving kindness. Going above and beyond fulfilling spiritual needs, the monastery also organizes visits to the homeless shelter in downtown and to senior centers to help people in need. Furthermore, the monastery also holds different Buddhist ceremonies throughout the year, each of which is both a religious and cultural event hosting crowds ranging from 500 - 1000 people from different communities. There is no doubt that, as a religious and cultural center, the monasteryand its activities greatly benefit a lot of people.

Ai Ha: I'm married with two children, ages 9 and 14. We have been going to Dharma Cloud for about 5 years now. We have learned a great deal from the monks and become good friends with a lot of people our age in this community. On a typical Sunday service, our kids attend Vietnamese classes from provided by me and other volunteer parents and Dharma classes while the adults participate in chanting, meditation and Dharma talk by the monks until 1:00 PM. As a mom, I value our unique culture, and how important it is to teach our children Vietnamese, as well as the philosophy of Buddhism. I believe that all of these things help build character and prepare them for the challenges in life. Spiritual belief is basically the soul of an individual; therefore, we all need to have one. The basic fundamentals of Buddhism that we learn here can be used in our everyday life to achieve happiness. Learning to read, write and speak Vietnamese enable our children to communicate with their grandparents and other elderly in the community. When we have our annual religious celebration during Lunar New Year and Buddha's Birthday, our children perform traditional dances, and sing Vietnamese songs together. It is not easy for them, but they practice hard to deliver great results. It is amazing to see such performances; and I'm super proud of them. I'm glad that our children get the opportunity to come to the Monastery each Sunday rather than stay home and play on their electronic devices. Through this Monastery, we join our friends and community to feed the homeless downtown once every quarter and prepare lunch for about 300 people. Our children help us serve lunch at the shelter. We value the importance of giving back to the community, while teaching our kids love and kindness through actions. We help plan and execute our annual fund raising events to build a new Meditation Hall. This new meditation hall/bigger building is much needed due to limited space at the Monastery. Right now, our children's Vietnamese and Dharma classes take place in a couple of small guest houses. The Monastery's kitchen is extremely small. It can only sit up to 40 people at once. Usually we have more than 40 guests attending lunch so some people must sit out side in the back yard, or at the picnic tables which is not suitable during the winter months when it is too cold to sit outside Our community is getting bigger each year, but our buildings are made for residential/small family use. In summary, we come to CDC because we find it very peaceful here. When we are here, we focus on our spiritual beings, and forget about everything related to work, and our busy lives in general. We practice mindful walks into the woods and enjoy the fresh air mother earth offers. This Monastery has been the most valuable source of our spiritual growth during the past 5 years. We hope it will continue to grow in size to support many others in the community for the next generation.

Thich Thien Tu: "As a monk, I would love to see this future meditation hall where we can use it to recite monastic precepts, the five-mindfulness training, and inter-being vows. We will host so many important spiritual ceremonies, mental health conferences, community activities and even interfaith dialogues. We indeed need a meditation hall here at Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery for not only the adults but for our young friends to cultivate lovingkindness, peace and happiness, especially, for any students from colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools - are always welcome to learn about Buddhism and stress reduction through mindfulness practice. This place will be beyond spiritual nourishment and serenity."

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