Community Food Bank

FOOD-Not all hungry people live in faraway places! There are many life storms that make it difficult to afford healthy food. Having enough food supports the foundation of good health and well-being. The Community Food Bank provides easy access to any local resident needing food.

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Community Food Bank​​​​​​​
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P. O. Box 3614
Grand Junction, CO 81502
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562 West Crete Circle
Suite 102
Grand Junction, CO 81505
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P. O. Box 3614
Grand Junction, CO 81502
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(970) 640-0336 xx3
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Mission Statement

To provide an emergency supply of nutritious food to Mesa County individuals and families in crisis.

Organization History

The Community Food Bank was established in June, 1978 after several local churches and community organizations came together to learn about hunger worldwide. This led to discussions and research on local hunger issues. As a result of their findings of an unmet need, the Community Food Bank was formed to address emergency hunger concerns within the community.

Since the agency's inception, the Community Food Bank has been a community-based, non-profit, volunteer supported, charitable agency addressing local hunger issues arising from emergency situations faced by local children, seniors and their families. The Community Food Bank's mission and objectives are overseen by an eleven member board of directors. Day-to-day operations are managed by a part-time director. Over the years, the location, partnerships and collaborations have changed, expanded and evolved, but the core mission focused on providing nutritious food to local residents experiencing hard times has remained the same.


- "I am waiting for a new job to start. My only income is inconsistent child support. I worry that my children do not get enough to eat."
- " . . .If there wasn't a Community Food Bank, I wouldn't be feeding my kids. What I have at home is beans, rice and noodles. I come here cause you give out vegetables and fruit and meat. That's what my kids need to have - nutrition and have good hygiene."
- "The circumstances that lead me to the community food bank for food is the fact that I'm a couch surfing teen who struggles to find food sometimes, and my family doesn't help me out at all. This is my first time coming here."
- "I have been in bad health and unable to work. My husband is the only one with income and right now it's hard to make ends meet. If the food bank weren't available, it would be hard to provide nutritious food for our children. We are so thankful to have you alls help in our time of need."

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