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The Community College of Denver (CCD) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on offering life-changing educational opportunities for CCD students through scholarship and program support.

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Ethnic/Racial Minorities - General
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged/Indigent
Young Adults (20-25 years)


The Community College of Denver Foundation provides scholarship support to students from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing need-based income levels. Much of our student population is from under-served and under-represented populations. 74% of CCD students must attend college part time while working to financially support themselves and their families. 69% of CCD students are Pell Grant eligible, a common measure of financial need. 58% of our students are the first generation in their family to attend college. By providing these students with scholarships, we are eliminating/easing the level of debt with which they graduate and incentivize them to complete their education. Without these funds, many of the scholarship recipients would not have the ability to balance their work, family and education commitments successfully. Providing a financial safety net of scholarship monies allows the student to focus on studies and the goal of achieving a college degree.


Evidence of Program's Success

In addition to financial measures already mentioned, the CCD Foundation measures success from the students who benefit from our scholarships.

"Being college student has not been the easiest on my finances, but I managed to make it all the way through my associate degree program without taking out loans because of scholarships."
-Jamie Ridener

"Scholarships are helping me get closer to earning my bachelors degree and fulfill my calling to work with children."
-Michael Medina

"Being awarded scholarships helped me immensely so it was not necessary for me to take out any loans which was a relief."
-Joe Sawaged

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