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Quien soy? Who am I?
I often wondered. Looking for answers, I remember my grandmother saying
if you know where you come from, you will know who you are or where you
are going or something like that. Si sabes de donde vienes, sabes a donde vas.
Looking up my history, I only found the definition of an immigrant:
A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
In that moment, my memories answered my doubts, an immigrant who
left her land, her family, her friends, an immigrant who left everything behind.
Everything started to make sense. I was twelve years old, walking away
and turning back; I saw my empty house. With memories of a child, who miss
her dad, all the memories, stayed back.
But one day, the dream came true; our family was soon going to reunite,
The American dream, we started the walk. Long and lonely walk, empty like
the house we left behind. Walking, walking, and walking towards a better life.
Feet so tired, a full moon lighting the way.
As a twelve year old, I did not get to decide, I become an immigrant, a newcomer,
an outsider, and illegal alien, like superman. However, in the eyes of many people,
I am not a super hero. Discriminated and disadvantaged, I continued my path;
moving forward, kept working hard. Went to school, high school, graduation,
the first one in my family to wear the cap and gown.
Bachelor's degree, great accomplishment in my life but I am still in the shadows,
like darkness covering the light.
Quien soy yo? Who am I?
An immigrant, a Dreamer, following my desire to change my life.
12 million people in the shadows, we are ready to rise up.
Working for a solution to a broken immigration system.
Promoting history, a nation of immigrants, we can't go back.
I believe that a society and its institutions should be based on the principles
of equality and solidarity, together we must fight for human rights.
I learn how to use my voice. Informing our community about the issues that
impact our lives. Empowering our minds, our right to decide who represents us in
government and who approves the laws. Under our constitution, everyone has rights.
The immigrant rights movement gave me new name. An identity. A home.
This is the life of a child that one day left everything behind, the little girl that dreamed
of safety, happiness, freedom, a prosperous life.
In 2012, an executive action changed my life. I came out of the shadows, free,
Fearless like a butterfly.
Once again, DACA is at risk, my future pending in the line.
By donating to the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, we can fight back. United we
can demonstrate our contributions to this land, the place where I grew up.
I know who I am, I am a Dreamer and I know, I belong here, this is my home now.

With your contribution we will continue to work towards comprehensive immigration reform, protecting us from family separation. Together we can win justice, together we can win. We all deserve the opportunity to be welcome here. HOME IS HERE!

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