Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

The Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club has a comprehensive Financial Aid program that offers need-based registration fee discounts to qualifying families and players. The program requires annual fundraising and donations to sustain it's current level of supporting approximately 200 players each year.

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General Information

Official Name
Colorado Fusion Soccer Club, Inc.​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club
Former Name(s)
(2006)Denver Soccer Club, Inc.
(1999)Club Denver Soccer
Date Established
Offers Additional Colorado State Tax Credit
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Headquarters Address
111 N. Havana St
Aurora, CO 80010
Colorado Location
Mailing Address
Other Address
111 N. Havana St
Aurora, CO 80010
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Mission Statement

The Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club provides an environment where young soccer players from diverse backgrounds are guided and inspired to reach their full potential both on and off the field. We are committed to providing the community with a model of quality youth development, education, and inspiration through the sport.

Organization History

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club is a local soccer club that strives to provide an opportunity for all levels of players from beginner to advanced, from three to professional. CRYSC is one of the only true full-service soccer clubs in the nation providing soccer for all types of players from all different types of backgrounds.

The club was initially formed as Denver Soccer Club in 1967. In 2006, the club merged with Aurora Soccer Club to become Colorado Fusion. In 2012, Colorado Fusion changed its name to the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club, working in partnership with the Colorado Rapids MLS team and joining the Rapids adidas Alliance.

We are different from other youth clubs because:

Professional Team Partnership
Comprehensive Financial Aid Department
Development Academy Affiliation
Highest Licensed Coaches Nationally
Dedicated Technical Staff
Professional Goalkeeper Coaches

Our core values are:
To provide quality coaching that engages, challenges and inspires young athletes, regardless of previous experience, to reach their highest level in the sport of soccer;
To provide the best possible facilities where talented young soccer players can access programming that allows them to enjoy the sport, to mature and reach their full potential;
To fulfill civic responsibility by actively participating in community partnerships and activities;
To encourage and provide support allowing our athletes to achieve academic success;
To provide a pathway open to all young soccer players who wish to participate, allowing them to reach their full potential through identification, education, and competition;
To provide an environment where young soccer players build character through the development of important life skills such as time management, responsibility, resilience, sportsmanship, work ethic and teamwork;
To provide an environment where open honest communication between staff, players and parents is encouraged;
To provide a structure and environment where winning is important but player development is paramount;
To create a safe environment that contributes to the development of mentally and physically healthy individuals that have self-confidence and respect for themselves and for others,
To provide our membership with a high level of customer service that ensures a quality experience; and,
To create an environment that facilitates the growth of the sport of soccer and fosters a love of the game.


"Every day after school, our community has been brightened with the presence of sixty energetic players running around, playing soccer, laughing with their coaches, and becoming empowered about how they can make their own healthy choices."
- Kirsten Frassanito
Principal, Sabin World Elementary School

"By having a program that focuses on the values of eating healthy, staying active, and doing well in school, students have had the opportunity to learn skills that they can use to help them succeed in life."
- Antoinette Hudson
Principal, Fairview Elementary School

"It genuinely meets so many societal needs; combating child obesity, after-school day case, fulfilling a child's passion for athletics, extending the school day and constructive play time for children under positive adult supervision"
- Dr. Robert D. Villarreal
Principal, Castro Elementary

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