Colorado Gerontological Society

Your gift helps us give holiday baskets to 200 needy seniors, advise 1,000 seniors on Medicare and Medicaid, counsel 600 people on senior issues, and award dental, vision, and hearing services to 1,000 seniors. Your partnership with us ensures our ability to provide free assistance to seniors.

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Colorado Gerontological Society​​​​​​​
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1129 Pennsylvania St
Denver, CO 80203
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Mission Statement

The Colorado Gerontological Society improves the quality of life for older adults in Colorado by:

- providing education,
- disseminating information,
- advancing the development of public policy,
- enhancing communication, and
- promoting high standards in the field of aging,

as well as promoting independence and providing services to older adults and their families.

Organization History

Organized in 1980 as a not-for-profit, the mission of the Colorado Gerontological Society (The Society) is to provide information, education and training, advocacy and public policy, and services to those who serve older adults and to older adults and their families. Over the course of the years since 1980, The Society has launched and successfully implemented a significant number of programs. Some of these include:

1. Senior Issues Briefing - Monthly professional education programs in Denver with average of 20 people in attendance since 1982. Currently suspended due to COVID-19 social restrictions.

2. Network North - Monthly professional education programs in Boulder with average of 10 people in attendance since 1990. Currently suspended due to COVID-19 social restrictions.

3. Publication and distribution of hard copy of Senior Resource Guidebook since 1992. 20,000 copies were distributed in 2018.

4. Largest trainer of assisted living classes for administrators in Colorado. Classes offered quarterly since 1994. About 75 individuals attend the classes each year. Classes are currently offered as virtual classes due
to COVID-19 social restrictions.

5. Annual delivery since 1988 of 200 holiday baskets to low income seniors.

6. Sponsor of the Salute to Seniors since 1990. The Salute is a senior expo; 1300 older adults and families attended in 2019. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we offered the Salute as a virtual online event
for the first time with over 950 registered individuals.

7. Administrator of vision and hearing grants to seniors since 2007. More than 232 individuals served in 2019-20 using $696,000 in grant awards.

8. Administrator of dental grants to seniors since 1993. More than $300,000 in grant funding used to provide dental services to 116 individuals in 2018.

9. Counseling and referral services on aging issues since 1982. 1981 individuals were served in 2019.

10. Medicare/Medicaid counseling and outreach since 1988 including Medicare Monday consumer education programs throughout the state. Almost 800 individuals attended Medicare Monday events at 16
locations throughout Colorado in 2019.

11. Expanded services in 2010 to serve Latino elders with specialized outreach for benefits, advance care planning, and program development. More than 862 Latino seniors received advance care planning education
and services in 2018. In 2019, expanded programming to better meet the needs of African American older adults based on results of focus group. Hosted Medicare Monday event in densely populated African American
community center.

12. Annual offerings of educational programs on topics such as elder abuse, Medicare, Medicaid, diversity, leadership to more than 100 professionals in 2018.

13. Publication of STA-Well News, a regular consumer publication that is distributed to 23,000 households in Colorado since 1974 (publication was originally distributed by Senior Answers and Services, an organization
whose functions were merged with the Colorado Gerontological Society in 2008).

14. Columnist for senior newspapers with articles on senior issues since 1997. Monthly distribution of more than 300,000 copies by the various newspapers in the state.

15. A senior-friendly website,, that had 67,848 views and more than 23,246 visitors with 2.52 views per visitor in 2019. Originally developed in 2000, it has been upgraded numerous times.

16. Eileen Doherty, the Executive Director, has been actively involved in public policy, including working with the legislature and regulatory boards since 1977. She has authored numerous pieces of legislation and
regulations that helped to improve the lives of seniors.


Thank you for your kindness. I will always be grateful for my being able to eat comfortably. You have a gift for being kind and leaving happy smiles behind because of my dentures.
Sincerely, PH

Such a dependable, helpful organization.

CGS is the only reason I get what I get. Thank you, PC.

PC is awesome - without CGS help I would not have any benefits or programs.

Dear E,
Beautiful heart...How do I know you have a beautiful heart? You were so eager, so excited to help me. On the phone with you was amazing, so uplifting. I'm sure you have assisted so many others. Your compassion, kindness left me in tears.. Blessings...AK

No better place to get help for seniors. One great place. Thanks, R

Dear E,
My father was the recipient of a $1,750 hearing aid grant. My dad is 93 years old and the grant was extremely helpful in getting new hearing aids.
Thank you to you and your wonderful organization you work for.
Sincerely, JH

I cannot thank you enough for the food I received from you this year.
I live in a senior apt and do not have family here very much. I was able to cook a wonderful Christmas dinner and share it with 2 other seniors in my building. And still have some left over for other meals.
There was a wonderful homemade card enclosed and it made it that much more personal.
Bless you all for your open hearts. BI

Dear P,
I am one of your grateful recipients of the Senior Dental Grant. I write to express deep appreciation to you and the Society, and to tell you that I have completed my treatment. I now have a new smile and a deep cleaning thanks to you...
Sincerely, JD

Dear Mrs. D,
I cannot express my gratitude enough as to how much I am so thankful at the way you and your organization (CGS) have been God sent for having extensive dental work for myself. Thank you!
I cannot remember the dentist name (Dr. David) however he was a gentleman and an exceptional dentist. I thank him and yourself for your help! PL

Dear Ms. D:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Colorado Gerontological Society for your generosity in approving my grant application for hearing aids. My life has drastically changed since the doctor from the Hearing Rehab Center fitted me with my new hearing aids.
For years, I have been unable to distinctly hear conversations in crowds, in restaurants, and other group gatherings including family gatherings. I have a very large family but have not stayed long at any of the large get-togethers because it was difficult to hear specific words without being in direct facial contact with the speaker. So rather than continue to say "Huh?" time after time, I just smiled and nodded. My sons are particularly grateful for my hearing aids! 
I retired in July 2019 and have most generally kept to myself and family, but I recently joined the Denver Gem and Mineral Guild and have volunteered to help in the next 3-day gem and mineral show in September. I'm excited because I am a collector; it is my passion. I have joined a couple of DGMG's other groups as well. Another of my new loves is hiking in nature's surroundings where the sights and sounds are truly cherished. This may sound "corny" but it's from the heart.
The hearing aids are one of the most precious gifts I've ever received and I will continue to broaden my horizons in several chosen directions because now my hearing enables me to move forward. Being retired now after working 50 years feels amazing and I'm excited to be able to do so many things and enjoy every minute because I am really involved rather than standing on the outside due to limited hearing.
Thank you all so very, very much, VP

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