Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) is a recognized leader in contemporary dance and believes in leveraging the universal language of dance to honor African American heritage, explore the human condition, and offer a transformative experience through physical movement to everyone. CPRD: Inspiring Movement

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General Information

Official Name
The New Dance Theatre, Incorporated​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance
Former Name(s)
(2014)New Dance Theater Inc. (Legal Name)
Date Established
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EZ Tax Credit
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Headquarters Address
119 Park Avenue West
Denver, CO 80205
Colorado Location
Mailing Address
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303-295-1759 x11
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Mission Statement

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) is an international, cross-cultural, dance-arts and educational institution rooted in African American traditions, and dedicated to excellence in providing instruction, performances and community programs for intergenerational students, artists and audiences.

The organization is guided by a vision of dance as the universal language of movement that celebrates performance, individual expression, healing and peace to transform the world. CPRD is committed to honoring diversity and inclusivity through educational programs such as: The Healing Power of Art, a Pre K-12 in school residency program and the International Summer Dance Institute. In addition to the educational programs, the CRPD Ensemble serves as the official company of the organization collaborating with the programs listed above. CPRD also presents concert series locally and internationally.

Organization History

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) is a 44 year-old cultural arts institution. CPRD began under the auspices of the federal Model Cities initiative in 1970. In 1974, CPRD became a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization operating a dance school and a dance ensemble. In four decades, CPRD has developed into an internationally esteemed organization that operates beyond the traditional performing arts model. There are four pillars of the organization, namely, the CPRD Ensemble, CPRD School, CPRD Theatre & Amphitheatre, and CPRD Education programs. Working in concert, CPRD programs have created an oasis where a varied population - by gender, race, age and ethnicity - gather to study and appreciate a modern, cross-cultural approach to creative community and personal enrichment. Today, CPRD represents one of the largest cultural arts institutions in the Rocky Mountain region serving more 60,000 people each year.


"Cleo Parker Robinson Dance offers many opportunities for our students to experience dance from a variety of cultures, as well as embed our District Reading, Writing and Math Content Standards into movement. We look forward to another exciting year with CPRD." Principal at Swanson Elementary in Jefferson County.

"On behalf of the entire Stevens staff, I would like to thank the Cleo Parker Dance company for another amazing year of dance workshops. Our parents and staff were amazedat the accomplishments of students. CPRD's programs allowed our 4th-6th grade students the opportunity to work with professional dancers in workshops that address the Jeffco curriculum. Students were able to learn the curriculum using an arts integrated mode of instruction that helped many of our at-risk students to grasp the material at a deeper level." Dr. Marie Norby-Loud, Principal at Stevens Elementary.

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