The Civic Canopy

The Civic Canopy transforms the way pivotal issues in society are solved. We connect diverse groups of people seeking change in their communities and equip them with the tools to create meaningful and lasting impact.

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Civic Canopy​​​​​​​
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3532 Franklin Street, Suite H
Denver, CO 80205
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3532 Franklin Street, Suite H
Denver, CO 80205
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303-292-3144 x210
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Mission Statement

The Civic Canopy creates the conditions where the many work as one for the good of all.

Organization History

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW. The Civic Canopy is a community-based nonprofit focused on creating the conditions where the many work as one for the good of all. Our work is grounded in four core beliefs:
- Every individual matters and contributes.
- Communities are filled with assets and solutions.
- The answers emerge from the collective.
- Civic society is a place of caring, compassion and love.
The Canopy hold the ultimate vision of thriving communities in which all participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

ORGANIZATION APPROACH; In a spirit similar to other collective impact models, The Civic Canopy designs and facilitates public processes using a research-based Community Learning Mode (CLM) that focuses on results, includes relevant and diverse stakeholders in thoughtful dialogue, and develops action plans and structures for learning from results-all within a culture of trust and collaboration. The CLM is a proven game-changer for achieving positive change in communities and puts collaboration at the forefront of solving issues that affect the way society functions.
Results - Clear articulation of the results sought is at the center of the model. The desired results and the re-assessment of them drive the community learning process.
Include - Ensure the various people, perspectives and systems involved in the work are engaged in the process.
Dialogue - Create a high-quality conversation that clarifies values, surfaces tensions and taps into creativity, leading to concrete plans that achieve results.
Act - Make sure the planning leads to action, both within planning processes and at each stage of implementation.
Learn - Set benchmarks and use indicators to assess the impact and quality of actions; learn from experiences and translate that information into more effective actions.
Culture of Collaboration - Strengthen the capacities that support collaborative work such as facilitative leadership, communication, information sharing and shared accountability. These elements strengthen the ability to move through the stages of the community learning model.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS - Foster connections among people and across a broad network of partners.
DEVELOP CAPACITY - Create the culture, conditions, and capacity for transformational change.
CATALYZE COLLECTIVE ACTION - Mobilize communities to create the systems they need to thrive.


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