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Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

Colorado is home, a diverse one at that. I am proud to be a Colorado resident and know that so many of us hold the same values, like lending a helping hand, standing up for what is right, and defending our immigrant sisters and brothers. In times like these we need to stand stronger together.

Its been a rough 3 years am I right? I remember that sad November night when my sisters and I cried ourselves to sleep, today I know we weren't the only ones. We at CIRC have felt this same pain and pressure day after day with more attacks on our immigrant communities. We have also felt the support coming from both communities impacted and allies, which is something I personally needed in order to continue my work in advocacy.

If you have felt fear or anger in the past 4 years, I invite you to donate to CIRC this Colorado Gives Day. Help me continue to do work in our own back yard, that educates and empowers people to be part of the change we all work towards.

My upcoming plans include collaborations with many amazing organizations to bring a Universal Representation to Colorado. Did you know that in immigration, if you can't afford an attorney the court will not appoint one to you? That means folks who don't have thousands of dollars to pay for a private attorney sometimes don't get to see a judge and fight their deportation. This means families separated, children traumatized and potentially ending up in foster care.

Can I count on you to continue to Stand with Immigrants and support my work by helping me reach my goal of $3000?

Did you know that only 5% of deportation cases win the right to stay without a lawyer?
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Created November 05, 2019
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